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Lin Yun held the purchase contract that Pei Man had handed to her and stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to say.

Was Lin Yu blind or stupid Why did she think that Lin Ting and his wife were poor Lin Yun was really puzzled.

Pei Man finally gave Lin Yun a gift that she was satisfied with.

She immediately followed her husband home happily.

As Lin Yun still had something to deal with, she bade farewell to Lin Ting and his wife and went straight to school.

Not far from the school gate, Lin Yun received a call from Lin Qian.

Lin Qian had left in a hurry earlier, and Lin Yun had something to ask him in detail.

Lin Qian and Lin Yun agreed on a place to meet.

He also instructed Lin Yun that he would send a car to pick her up and told her not to run around on her own.

For a moment, Lin Yun felt that after she acknowledged her biological parents, she had been treated as a child by this family.This feeling was really not good or bad.

In short, she could not adapt to it for a while.

Lin Yun stood at the school gate and waited for less than ten minutes before Lin Qians car arrived.

Lin Yun didnt know the driver, but as soon as the car stopped, Hao Ping stuck his head out from window near the passenger seat.

“Xiao Yun, here!”

Just as Hao Ping finished shouting, Lin Yun heard him cry out in pain, as if he had been hit by something.

Lin Yun hurriedly walked over.

She had met Hao Ping before.

Although she wasnt familiar with him, she knew that he was Lin Qians assistant.

Lin Yun walked to the car and was about to ask Hao Ping what had happened.

Hao Ping winked at her.

Lin Yun followed Hao Pings gaze and saw Lin Qian sitting in the back seat, looking at her quietly.

Lin Yun was a little surprised and hurriedly opened the door and got into the car.

As soon as she got into the car, Lin Yun asked, “Why did you come here yourself Arent you afraid of being discovered by the paparazzi”

Lin Qian waved his hand and said, “Im worried about that kid.”

“I usually wear a mask.

I changed cars today.

No one should notice.”

Lin Yun frowned as she looked at Lin Qian, as if thinking about whether his words were reliable.

However, no matter what, he was already here.

What was done was done.

He could only leave this place as soon as possible.

After all, Lin Qian was a popular heavenly king-level singer in the country and had fans at Lian University.

If someone really discovered his true identity, trouble would definitely come one after another in the future!

… .

Along the way, Lin Yun and Lin Qian did not speak.

The two of them seemed to have their own thoughts.

The car drove to a courtyard in the suburbs and stopped.

The walls surrounding the courtyard were two meters tall, and the people standing outside could not see what was happening inside.

Lin Yun followed Lin Qian out of the car and walked toward the lone two-story white building in the courtyard.

“Sit anywhere you want.

Ill get the kitchen to cook whatever you want to eat.” As Lin Qian spoke, he sat down at the bar and picked up a bottle of red wine to open.

Lin Yun walked around and asked curiously, “Is this the best private restaurant you mentioned Why does it look like your house!”

Lin Qian chuckled, saying, “You can also treat this place as your home.”

“After all, the boss behind the scenes here is Big Brother!” Lin Qian exposed his Big Brothers involvement without any hesitation.

“Here Its Big Brothers” Lin Yun couldnt help but frown.

This old restaurant did not seem to be related to Lin Hans profession of scientific research.

However, when she thought of the food that Lin Han had personally cooked, Lin Yun seemed to understand the reason.

“There are a few dishes here that are very authentic.

Big Brother keeps saying that he wants to bring his sister over, but…” Lin Qian curled his lips and said.

“Is your relationship with Lin Yu not good” Although Lin Yun asked, her tone was very certain.

Lin Qian shrugged and didnt intend to hide anything.

“Its not bad! Its awful!”

“She despises me for not doing my job properly.

I hate her for being pretentious!” Lin Qian bluntly criticized his former sister.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian in surprise.

“She doesnt know you are…”

Lin Qian waved his hand and said, “Not to mention her! Mom doesnt even know what I do!”

Lin Yun recalled Pei Mans previous evaluation of Lin Qian.

It seemed to be true.

As for Lin Qians evaluation of Lin Yu, Lin Yun agreed wholeheartedly.

“But even if she doesnt have a good relationship with you and doesnt know what you do, doesnt she know what the situation is at home” Lin Yun was really puzzled about this.

At this point, Lin Qian suddenly burst out laughing.


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