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Lin Qian poured a glass of red wine for Lin Yun before slowly saying, “Mom looks quite smart, but shes actually an idiot with numbers.”

“Shes extremely insensitive to things like money, and because of that, she has been lacking in our education and money since she was young.”

As Lin Qian spoke, he took a sip of red wine and frowned slightly.

“I have to tell Big Brother to change his red wine supplier.”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qians flippant attitude and was instantly a little dissatisfied.

Before Lin Yun could complain, Lin Qian continued the topic from before.

“Because Mom doesnt have much concept of money; the familys financial power is in Dads hands.”

“Hes a serious person.

Although he really loves us, he wont show it easily.”

“Weve lived on fishing boats since we were young and didt have to worry about food and clothing.

There arent many things we need to spend money on.”

“Also, that couple is really clingy.

Every time Mom wants to buy something, she would wheedle with Dad.”

“They treated it as affection between husband and wife, but we were extremely disgusted.”

“Although Daddy will always be willing to buy those expensive things for Mommy, in Xiaoyus eyes, Mommy probably begged for them for a long time.”

“And the matter of Mom not having any pocket money has probably become a knot in Xiaoyus heart.”

As Lin Qian spoke, the smile on his face deepened.

“Mom doesnt care about money, so she naturally doesnt know that her poor children need money.”

“Dad naturally wont suddenly come to us and say that he wants to give us some pocket money.

That might scare us to death!”

“So, until Eldest Brother and I reached adulthood, we lived our lives frugally.”

“Or we just worked to earn some pocket money.”

“Dad and Mom were very supportive of us working.”

“The two of them started from scratch.

They think that mastering the ability to earn money is much more important than going out to socialize!”

Hearing Lin Qians words, Lin Yuns understanding of Lin Ting and his wife deepened.

She had thought that these two people had so much money that they spent it recklessly.

It turned out that this was how they doted on their children!

In that case…

“Since Dad and Mom bought properties for you and Big Brother, why doesnt Lin Yu have any”

Lin Qian snorted unhappily.

“Of course she has!”

“Before her eighteenth birthday, Mom planned for a long time to buy her many birthday gifts.”

“But she ran away from home before her birthday…”

As Lin Qian spoke, he couldnt help but pout.

“After that, she rarely went home.”

“Even if she went home, she didnt stay for more than half a day.

Mom didnt have the time to show her those gifts.”

Lin Yun couldnt help but click her tongue.

It turned out that Lin Yu didnt live in a poor family.

Instead, she didnt know anything about her familys financial situation!

She really didnt know how much Lin Yu would regret it after learning the truth!

Lin Yun smiled and looked very happy.

Lin Qian sized up Lin Yun before saying, “Dad and Mom called me today and asked about your school and where you live…”

“Did they do something strange again” Lin Qian asked curiously.

The corners of Lin Yuns mouth twitched.

She really didnt know if it was strange to buy a mansion worth tens of millions for a biological daughter they had just met.

Seeing that Lin Yun didnt say anything, Lin Qian continued, “Although the two of them are occasionally unreliable, they are sincerely concerned about their children.”

“Especially to their daughter…” Lin Qian paused for a moment before continuing,” Youll slowly find out in the future.

Lin Yun nodded.

She already had some indications about these things.

Lin Qian suddenly thought of something.

He stared at Lin Yun and lowered his voice.

“How did you know Lu Chen”

The mouthful of red wine that Lin Yun had just drunk almost sprayed all over Lin Qians face.

Why did this person suddenly mention Lu Chen

Seeing Lin Yuns nervous expression, Lin Qians eyes were even more suspicious.

“Whats… your relationship”

Hearing Lin Qians question, Lin Yun hurriedly waved her hand.

“Were not related!”

Lin Qian obviously didnt believe Lin Yuns words and continued to ask, “If its nothing, why would he especially go to the Zheng familys cocktail party for you I dont believe it!”


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