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Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu seriously, as if she was about to say something earth-shattering.

Lin Yu inexplicably became nervous.

“Mom, if you have anything to say, just say it.

Ill remember it!”

Wang Lan sighed slightly and said, “I heard that your father wants to call Xiao Yun to the company to study…”

When Lin Yu heard this, her expression changed.

She had heard the news.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been in a hurry to ask Chico for help.

However, Lin Yu didnt show it too obviously.

She only looked at Wang Lan bitterly.

“Its my fault.

I made Dad angry.

Dad must think Im useless.

Thats why…”

As Lin Yu spoke, she gently wiped her tears.

Wang Lan sighed and grabbed Lin Yus other hand.

“Im not afraid of Lin Yun.”

“Your father is still a clear-headed person.

He wont easily hand over the company he worked so hard to build to outsiders.”

“But…” Wang Lan paused.

Lin Yu saw that Wang Lans expression had become a little strange, but she didnt ask.

She knew that Wang Lan must have something inconvenient to tell her.

Otherwise, with Wang Lans attitude towards her, she would definitely not be so hesitant.

Finally, Wang Lan spoke again, but the topic just now did not continue.

“Anyway, Mom will definitely think of a way to help you protect everything in the Lin family! And you have to listen to Mom.

You cant do anything privately anymore!”

“Got it” Wang Lan stared intently into Lin Yus eyes.

She felt that Lin Yu seemed to be plotting something behind her back.

Lin Yu lowered her eyes slightly.

After a while, she looked up at Wang Lan.

She nodded and said, “Mom, dont worry! Ill definitely listen to you!”


After receiving Lin Yus promise, Wang Lan heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Alright! Im relieved! Ill definitely not let you suffer!”

Lin Yu pursed her lips again and revealed a faint smile.

“Thank you, Mom!”

After sending Wang Lan off, Lin Yu sat by the bed with hatred in her eyes.

“Everything in the Lin family is mine!”

… .

It was not until late at night that Wang Qi sent Lin Yun a message, saying that she could not go back for the time being, and asked Lin Yun to find a temporary driver to pick her up.

Lin Yun was not asleep.

She called back.

“How… is your grandfather” Lin Yun asked with concern.

Wang Qi sounded a little tired.

“It was as I expected.

He did intend to trick me back with the excuse of being sick.”

“Who knew that my father…” Wang Qi swallowed the curse words she was about to yell out before continuing, “He quarreled with Grandpa, who got so mad that he was hospitalized.

“Ill probably spend the day in the hospital.

Sleep well.

Well talk when I get back.” Wang Qis voice was filled with helplessness.

Lin Yun nodded and said, “Rest well.

With the doctor taking care of you, your grandfather will be fine.”

Lin Yun didnt ask Wang Qi what her father had done to anger Old Master Wang into the hospital.

However, Old Master Wang was probably even more anxious to resolve the matter of the family inheritance.

If the Wang family sped up, Lin Chengs plan would probably encounter a sudden change once Wang Qi took over the Wang family.

It seemed like Lin Cheng would definitely continue to pressure Old Master Wang.

At that time, Lin Yun could not guess what he would do…

However, Lin Yun had some thoughts about Old Master Wangs illness.

… .

After not sleeping for the entire night, Lin Yun woke up early and sent a message to Lin Han, hoping to meet him.

Lin Han naturally would not reject his precious sisters request and immediately agreed to meet near Lin Yuns school.

Without Wang Qi as her driver, Lin Yun could only rent a car and head to school.

After getting out of the car, Lin Yun saw Lin Han already waiting for her under the tree by the schools side door.

Lin Han leaned against the side door with his arms crossed.

His long legs were thin and straight, attracting the attention of many people around him.

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

With a good figure, it was inevitable that this man would be hankered after by a group of women.

Lin Yun quickly walked towards Lin Han.

When Lin Han saw Lin Yun coming over, he stood up straight and smiled.


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