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“Mom, I dont want to stay at home anymore!” Lin Yu leaned against the sofa in boredom.

Wang Lan was looking at the tablet when she heard Lin Yu.

She looked up and asked, “Whats wrong Where do you want to go”

“Mom! Ive been back at the Lin family for a week!”

Lin Yu said unhappily.

“There are only a handful of opportunities to see Daddy these days.”


I dont have any friends to hang out with all day.”

“Others can go out to gather and chat, but I can only stay at home every day!”

“This is so boring!”

Wang Lan smiled at Lin Yu.

“Be good.

You just returned to the Lin family.

Dad was afraid that you wouldnt get used to it, so he didnt take you out to socialize!”

“But I really cant live like this anymore!”

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Lin Yu said seriously.

She was not lying.

She had never lived such a boring life since she was young!

In the past, wherever she wanted to go, she would go out without even needing to call!

Ever since she returned to the Lin family, not only did she have to assume the role of an heiress, but she was also restricted from going out!


When Wang Lan saw that Lin Yu was really angry, her heart ached even more.

“Good girl.

Why dont I take you out to tea with the other ladies”

“Tea” Lin Yu raised her eyebrows and repeated Wang Lans words.

She cursed this tedious activity a thousand times in her mind, but a smile of anticipation spread across her face.

“Really Can Mom take me”

“Ive never had afternoon tea in a luxury hotel before!”

Seeing Lin Yus expectant look, Wang Lan sighed softly.

“Poor child, its been hard on you!”

After saying that, Wang Lan picked up her phone and made a call.

“Contact Ping Lou and tell her that Ill be having tea with Mrs.

Chen and the rest this afternoon.”

After hanging up, Wang Lan put an arm around Lin Yus shoulders.

“Mom will bring you to a good place in the afternoon!”

Lin Yus eyes shone with anticipation.

When they arrived outside the building, Lin Yus expression immediately turned somewhat ugly.

This was not the star hotel she was looking for.

It was not even a teahouse!

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It was an inconspicuous cabin in the forest.

The three-story structure was made of pure wood.

It looks so cheap! Lin Yu couldnt help but complain inwardly.

However, she did not dare to show it on the surface.

She could only look out of the car with anticipation.

“Mom, is this the good place you mentioned”

Wang Lan smiled at Lin Yu and didnt seem to notice the change in her mood.

“This is the best place in Hai Cheng!”

“Normal people cant even enter!”

“Lets go.

Mommy will bring you in!”

As Wang Lan spoke, she got out of the car.

Lin Yu also got out of the car.

She looked at the old wooden plaque on the side building and narrowed her eyes.

“What the hell is this place!” Lin Yu gritted her teeth and squeezed out a smile as she followed Wang Lan into the courtyard.

In the courtyard, a small building stood tall.

There were a few trees planted around them.

Lin Yu didnt recognize the name of the tree, but the white and pink flowers on it looked pretty good.

There was a small flower bed on the ground with rows of fresh flowers.

It was probably not the flower season yet.

The fresh flowers only had flower buds on the branches, looking very messy.

Lin Yu wrinkled her nose.

She had even less of a favorable impression of this place.

Upon entering the arched door, a girl in a plain-colored dress was already waiting there.

“Madam Lin, youre here!” The girl bowed respectfully and greeted Wang Lan.

“Are Mrs.

Chen and the rest here” Wang Lan smiled at the girl.


Chen is here.

The other two ladies are not here yet.” The girl turned around and led the way for Wang Lan.

From the beginning to the end, the girl didnt even look at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was very unhappy with the girls disregard.

She glared fiercely at the girls back, wishing she could grab her hair and tell her that she was a distinguished guest!

She walked along the corridor all the way until she reached the staircase in the depths.

Then, she slowly walked upstairs.

Wang Lan followed behind him.

She seemed to be very familiar with this place.


Lin Yu surveyed her surroundings.

Everything here was made of wood.

There didnt seem to be anything valuable.

When they reached the second floor, the girl led Wang Lan and the others to a room with bamboo curtains hanging down.

Walking into the room, Wang Lan greeted Mrs.

Chen with a smile.

Then, Wang Lan pulled Lin Yu over and introduced her to Mrs.



Chen was all smiles as she kept praising Lin Yu for her beauty.

She looked very much like the young Wang Lan.


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