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Lin Yun sighed slightly and said, “I hope my guess is wrong, but… I dont want to bet on life.”

When Lin Han heard Lin Yuns words, he immediately nodded and said, “I understand! Ill go there to visit Old Master Wang.

If anything happens…”

“Ill do as I see fit!” Lin Han patted Lin Yuns shoulder comfortingly.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Han gratefully.

“Thank you, Big Brother!”

“Im your big brother! Why are you thanking me!” Lin Han smiled and gently tapped Lin Yuns nose.

“From what you said, you must have a good relationship with your cousin, Wang Qi.”

“The person she values should be very important to you!”

“I will help you protect the people you want to protect!”

Hearing Lin Hans words, Lin Yun felt a warmth surge into her heart.

She smiled and took a deep breath before saying, “Then Ill have to trouble you!”

“If anything really happens, please inform me immediately, Big Brother,” Lin Yun added.

Lin Han gently touched Lin Yuns head and smiled.

“Dont worry!”

Lin Yun nodded and chatted with Lin Han for a while before getting out of the car.

Watching Lin Han drive away, Lin Yun was about to walk toward the school gate when she heard her phone ring.

Lin Yun picked up her phone and was shocked.

It was Lu Chen!

Why would he call her

What was he going to do

Could it be that he wanted someone to send something to her again

Lin Yuns mind was filled with questions, but her phone never stopped ringing.

Lin Yun finally sighed and accepted her fate.

“CEO Lu…”

“Miss Lin, whats wrong You dont want to hear my voice” Lu Chens voice was faint, and she could hear his emotions.

Lin Yun subconsciously shook her head.

“No, I just… picked up the phone.”

Lu Chen nodded and did not say anything for a while.

For some reason, Lin Yun felt that Lu Chens “oh” seemed to have a deeper meaning.

Lin Yun suddenly realized something.

She suddenly looked around and heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that she did not see Lu Chens car.

“Why Is Miss Lin afraid of seeing me” Lu Chen asked with a smile as if he had seen Lin Yuns actions.

Lin Yun was shocked and looked around again.

Although the people around them might not be familiar, they were all dressed like students.

The side entrance was next to a small park.

The few cars parked around could be seen at a glance.

After confirming that Lu Chen was indeed not around, Lin Yun asked again, “CEO Lu, why are you calling me at this time”

“Miss Lin, how do you plan to thank me” Lu Chens tone was still neither fast nor slow as if he was saying, “The weather is clear today.”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment.

She looked at her phone strangely and asked, “Why should I thank CEO Lu”

“The Lin familys crisis…” Lu Chen paused.

Lin Yun blinked and thought for a while before realizing what Lu Chen meant.

“CEO Lu, do you mean that the Lin familys crisis is caused by CEO Lu” Although Lin Yuns words were a question, it was obvious that the answer was already inside.

Lu Chen nodded, seemingly quite satisfied with what he had done.

Lin Yun gritted her teeth and said, “If CEO Lu doesnt help, Ill…”

Before Lin Yun could finish, Lu Chen stopped her.

“Miss Lin, dont you want to swallow the Lin family”

Swallow the Lin family

Lu Chens words sounded very arrogant!

However, Lin Yun was sure that Lu Chen would definitely do what he said!

Of course, Lin Yun had such thoughts, but she knew that she could not swallow the Lin family in one go.

Therefore, she chose to take drastic measures …

If she could devour the Lin family…

Lin Yun was suddenly tempted.

Her breathing changed slightly.

Lu Chen seemed to have understood.

His tone was one of amusement.

“I can help Miss Lin.”

Lu Chens words seemed to have a bewitching meaning, making Lin Yun subconsciously want to accept his “good intentions”.

However, Lu Chens “good intentions” were not for nothing!

He was a very successful businessman!

He must have his own motives!

Thinking of this, Lin Yun suddenly calmed down.

She could not have any deeper contact with Lu Chen.

She could not accept Lu Chens “good intentions!”


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