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For some reason, Lin Yun felt much more at ease when she saw Ning Kun.

It was probably because Ning Kuns loyalty to Lu Chen had always impressed her.

Her trust in Lu Chen also deepened her trust in Ning Kun.


Ning Kun rushed over.

Seeing the situation, he immediately saved Lin Yun.

He cut the muscular mans arm with the side of his hand.

The man cried out in pain.

He did not expect Ning Kuns seemingly small action to hurt his bones.

The man retracted his hand in pain and let go of Lin Yun.

On the other side, Luo Fan saw Lin Yun looking at Ning Kun and let go without hesitation.

Clearly, Lin Yun knew and trusted this person.

The two unfamiliar men were clearly filled with hostility towards Ning Kun, and their expressions were very tense.

The burly man grabbed his arm and gritted his teeth as he roared at Ning Kun, “Where did you come from! Did you come here to play the part of a hero”

“Why Are you having an affair with my wife or something” The man still looked unwilling to let go.

Many people around were even more certain that Lin Yun must have some relationship with this man.

If he was just a human trafficker, he should have fled immediately when he encountered people who came to help her!

Ning Kun protected Lin Yun behind him and whispered, “CEO Lu will be here soon.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuns originally nervous mood instantly calmed down.


Ning Kun looked at the two men warily and asked coldly, “Who sent you Why are you holding on to her”

The burly man snorted and said, “Im disciplining my wife.

Its none of your business!”

“This woman is fooling around outside every day.

Do I have to be a cuckold for the rest of my life!” The more the man spoke, the angrier he became.

He said to the surrounding crowd, “Hurry up and take a photo of this adulterous couple! Do you see that He must be the one who seduced my wife every day!”

“Quick! Film them! Expose them!” The more the man shouted, the more excited he became.

The tall and thin man beside him even pretended to persuade him.

“Brother-in-law, forgive them! If anyone finds out…”

The tall and thin man looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

The burly man looked heartbroken as he glared at Ning Kun and Lin Yun.

He cursed a few times, pushed away the few people in front of him, and walked towards the other side of the park.

Seeing that the people involved had left, the surrounding crowd also put down their phones.

Some had taken photos of Lin Yun and Ning Kuns faces.

Lin Yun looked at the two disappearing figures and recalled their actions.

She felt that it was odd.

Even if he wanted to discredit her, there was no need to use such a low-level method!

In such a way, the lie would collapse when someone who knew her turned up…

Lin Yun originally thought that these two people were here to kidnap her, but she didnt expect them to just mess around like this.

What exactly were they doing


As he was thinking, Luo Fan walked up to Lin Yun and asked with concern, “Are you alright”

Only then did Lin Yun come back to her senses and look at Luo Fan gratefully.

“Thank you! If it werent for you, I might have been taken away by them just now!”

Luo Fan smiled and said, “Ill help even if its a stranger, not to mention that youre Peng Pengs friend.”

Hearing Luo Fans words, Lin Yun smiled and thanked him again.

Ning Kun stood beside Lin Yun and looked around warily.

Luo Fan and Lin Yun said a few more words before saying goodbye to Ning Kun and leaving.

Lin Yun looked at Luo Fans back and exhaled lightly.

“Miss Lin, lets go.

CEO Lu is already here,” Ning Kun whispered respectfully to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun nodded and followed Ning Kun to a silver Rolls-Royce parked beside the park.

Lin Yun got into the car and looked at the solemn Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu…”

Lu Chen turned to look at Lin Yun.

“Do you know that its very dangerous to be alone on the streets at night!”

Hearing Lu Chens question, Lin Yuns expression became a little uncomfortable.

She did not answer immediately and only stared at Lu Chens face silently.

After a while, Lu Chen sighed.

“I dont want to scold you, but… Im just worried.”

Lin Yun looked at Lu Chens expression and asked curiously, “CEO Lu knows that something will happen to me”

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