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Lu Chen did not answer Lin Yuns question immediately.

Instead, Ning Kun, who was sitting in the front seat, turned around and looked at Lin Yun.

“Someone called CEO Lu and said that someone will harm Miss Lin Yun.”

“He even pointed out Miss Lin Yuns location, so CEO Lu…”

Ning Kun was halfway through his sentence when Lu Chen glared at him.

Ning Kun immediately shut up.

Lin Yun frowned and looked at Lu Chen.

“Do you know who called”

Lu Chens expression also became a little strange.

“I havent found out yet.”

Someone even Lu Chen couldnt locate

The hacker experts under Lu Chen did not manage to track down the person who provided the information, so this matter was a little strange.

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun and asked after a while, “Who was the person who saved you just now”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment.

She thought for a moment before saying, “Its the boyfriend of a friend of mine, I think.”

Lu Chen seemed not very satisfied with Lin Yuns introduction.

“Has he been following you”

Hearing Lu Chens doubtful words, Lin Yuns expression became a little strange.

“CEO Lu, its not good for you to suspect someone like this!”

Lu Chen knew that his question just now was indeed a little overboard, so he coughed and said, “Im just wondering why he happened to save you.”

Lin Yun didnt want to think too much about this question.

She only said, “Thank you, CEO Lu.

Im a little tired.

Ill go back and rest first.”

Todays matter was very strange.

She still needed to go back and organize her thoughts.

Lu Chen fell silent.

Seeing this, Lin Yun opened the car door and was about to get out.

Lu Chen immediately said, “Ill send you back.

Its not safe on the way.”

Lin Yun retracted her hand and did not refuse.

After all, after what happened just now, she was not sure if those two people or others were waiting for her on the road.

She did not believe that she would be so lucky to be able to dodge it again!

Seeing that Lin Yun was silent, Ning Kun immediately gestured for the driver to drive.

The car drove all the way to Lin Yuns distant residence.

Lin Yun did not ask Lu Chen how he knew where she lived, nor could she be bothered to argue about these things.

Anyway, with Lu Chens resources, there was nothing he couldnt know…

It was only a matter of time.

When they arrived, Lin Yun thanked Lu Chen again and got out of the car.

Lu Chen gazed at Lin Yun as she walked back and did not instruct Ning Kun to drive for a long time.

About ten minutes later, the lights on the porch outside Lin Yuns house were all extinguished.

Ning Kun asked, “CEO Lu…”

Lu Chen lowered his eyes slightly.

“Lets go!”

If that man hadnt appeared this time, he might not have been able to save Lin Yun in time.

If Lin Yun was really taken away by those two people…

Lu Chen did not dare to think about what would happen.

“Where are those people” Lu Chen asked calmly after the car drove for a distance.

“Ive already brought them back,” Ning Kun replied without any hesitation.

Lu Chen nodded.

“Interrogate them.”

Ning Kun lowered his head again and said, “Ning Hao has already gone over.”

Lu Chen finally closed his eyes in satisfaction.

The air in the car was finally not as tense as before.

Ning Kun heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

He was now counting on his brother to do the rest!

… .

“Who sent you” Ning Hao leaned against the edge of the desk.

He crossed his slender legs crossed to support his body.

The two men with their hands tied behind their backs lowered their heads, unwilling to look up at Ning Hao.

“Why You dont want to tell me” Ning Hao raised his voice slightly.

“Do you know who you attacked today”

The two men looked at each other and gritted their teeth again to lower their heads.

Ning Hao looked at the two of them who were stubborn and knocked on the table.

“Do you know the consequences of offending the Lu Corporation”

“Lu… Lu Firm” The burly man suddenly looked up at Ning Kun.

“Why is it related to the Lu Corporation again”

Ning Hao looked at the burly mans panicked expression and revealed a faint smile.

“Not bad! It seems that you still know about the Lu Corporation!”

The tall and thin man also looked at Ning Hao in shock.

“Youre from the Lu Corporation Why… didnt we…”

“What didnt you guys do” Ning Hao asked again, his tone cold and disdainful.

“Impossible! What relationship can that woman have with the Lu Clan!” The burly man shook his head fiercely.

He clearly did not believe that the target of todays mission was actually related to the Lu Clan!

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