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Before Ning Hao could speak again, the two men closed their eyes and one slammed into the wall behind him.

With a cry of pain, the wrist was finally dislocated.

The other one looked around for a while, thinking that he couldnt just do it!

Then, he saw the table beside Ning Haos legs and crashed into it.

Ning Hao frowned and kicked the mans shoulder.

With a crack, the mans arm was dislocated.

The man wailed and lay on the ground, his butt sticking out.

He was trembling.

Judging from the sound, it was probably not a simple dislocated arm.

It was unknown if this arm could still be saved.

The other thin and tall man swallowed his saliva.

He felt that his arm no longer hurt.

Ning Hao glanced at the two of them and said, “If I see you again…”

“No, no!” Before Ning Hao could finish, the tall and thin man had already said, “Well leave Sea City today and never come back!”

This mission was really a double loss!

Not only did they offend Old Chen, but they also offended the Lu Corporation!

They probably wouldnt be able to survive on this path in the future.

They could only think of another way!

… .

“You got it” Ning Kun picked up the phone and asked directly before the other party could speak.

“Old Chen from Nankou,” Ning Hao replied simply.

“CEO Fu is going over.”

Ning Kun nodded and said, “Alright, Ill wait for your news.”

After hanging up, Ning Kun told Lu Chen the news he had obtained.

Lu Chens expression did not change.

He only said, “Old Chen is old.

Im afraid this business is not suitable for him.”

Ning Kun immediately understood what Lu Chen meant.

He sent Ning Hao a message and sat steadily in the front passenger seat.

Some places in Sea City were probably going to change tonight…

… .

Lin Yun returned to her room.

She felt that something was amiss today.

However, she could not figure out the reason.

Sighing, Lin Yun turned on her computer and decided that her plan to earn money was more important.

Over the past few days, with the few baits that Lin Yun had thrown out from time to time, all kinds of scandals about the Lin Corporation had continuously surged into her confidential archive.

Seeing that there was less than a week left before the mission was handed in, Lin Yun began to calculate if these materials had any other uses.

She was going to enter the group competition tomorrow, so these things still needed to be arranged in advance.

The rules of this competition stipulated that before the competition officially began, there would be a three-day closed training and rehearsal.

Lin Yun had already agreed with the production team that she would participate, but she would not eat and stay with the others.

Because of the suspicion that Lin Yun had plagiarized, the production team and Lin Yun had already had a deep conversation.

The production team had originally planned to reject her request directly.

Unexpectedly, the management personally agreed to her request!

All of a sudden, rumors began to spread throughout the production team.

It was rumored that the contestant, Ming Yi, also had a very strong backer.

In fact, the backer was the sponsor of the new Masked King competition.

Lin Yun naturally did not know about the production teams messy matters and only focused on preparing her song.

After chatting with Ji Rou a few days ago, Lin Yun found out that Lin Yu had hired another music teacher.

It was said that the teacher was a famous music professor in the country.

Ji Rou did not know who it was, and Lin Yun did not intend to ask further.

No matter who it was, it couldnt change the fact that Lin Yu couldnt communicate!

She still remembered that in her previous life, the reason why Lin Yu took the acting path, in the end, was because her music path did not work out!

Even with Lin Yuns help, Lin Yu couldnt unleash the original concept and characteristics of the song.

Instead, she wasted many good songs.

Lin Yun recalled that all her efforts over the years had been wasted.

She knocked on the table angrily.

“Lin Yu, this time, I want you to completely disappear from the competition!”


Lin Yun gritted her teeth.

For the first time, she felt unprecedented motivation.

This time, she would not back down!

She decided not to wait for those so-called opportunities anymore.

She had to take the initiative to attack!

… .

“Miss, is it convenient for me to come in” Aunt Xus voice sounded outside the door.

Lin Yun hurriedly replied and walked to the door to open it.

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