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“When are you planning to get rid of those things inside Theres very little room to move!” Lin Yun couldnt help but complain.

“Those are all treasures! Dont even think about touching those things!” Blackie glared at Lin Yun and warned, “Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what” Lin Yun raised her chin slightly.

Although her expression could not be seen, one could clearly see her provocative attitude.

Blackie snorted.

“Or Ill have your identity revealed on the big LED screen in Central Park!”

Blackies wave of threats clearly worked.

Lin Yun immediately fell silent and threw the car keys to Blackie.

“Lets go! Send me to the scene!”

Blackie took the key and turned to walk around to the back of the shop.

She crossed a short tree-lined path and appeared in the alley at the other end of the commercial street.

This alley was filled with those who had a difficult life in Sea City.

They lived here and did not have any security facilities.

No one even cared about the neighbor next door.

Lin Yun followed behind Blackie through two alleys and arrived at the black car parked by the roadside.

“What Changed cars” Blackie looked at the old black car in disdain.

“I remember you had a pretty good one!”

Lin Yun shrugged.

“I have to keep a low profile!”

The two of them got into the car.

Blackie stepped on the accelerator.

The car coughed and wheezed as if it were about to be scrapped.

Blackie frowned and turned the steering wheel.

She stepped on the accelerator.

Using this car, it had taken Blackie almost an hour to get to a place that was supposed to be thirty minutes away.

Lin Yun got out of the car and tidied her dress.

Under the gazes of the surrounding people, she walked into the temporary filming venue.

Compared to the beauties who got out of the luxury cars, this contestant named Ming Yi was really different.

And the news that she had the backing of the production team had also left a huge question mark in many peoples hearts.

Ming Yi walked into the scene as if no one was around.

After handing her identification to the staff, she was led into her room.

This room was not big.

A bed and a table filled the entire space.

Lin Yun looked around.

There were no obvious filming facilities.

There was a separate bathroom in the room, and she could complete all the steps of makeup here.

She took out the small button that Blackie had given her and checked the overall environment of the room to confirm that there were no other hidden cameras.

Relieved, she sat down by the window.

She was going to spend the next three days here.

Before that, she had something to do.

Lin Yun picked up the phone and dialed Lu Chens number.

“Miss Lin” Lu Chen seemed to be surprised to receive Lin Yuns call.

His voice sounded a little confused.

Lin Yun nodded and said, “Thank you, CEO Lu, for yesterday.”

Lu Chen didnt say anything.

After a while, he said, “Miss Lin, youre welcome.

Its what I should do.”

The two of them were silent for a moment.

The air was filled with an awkward silence.

Lin Yun could feel that her breathing had already reached Lu Chen.

She held her breath hard, not wanting Lu Chen to discover her loss of composure.

After a while, Lu Chen said again, “Miss Lin, why are you calling me”

Lin Yun frowned and finally told Lu Chen her request.

“CEO Lu, I have a friend who is locked up in the police station because of some matters.

I wonder if CEO Lu can help think of a way…”

Lin Yun paused for a moment.

Seeing that Lu Chen did not speak, Lin Yun hurriedly added, “Im not asking CEO Lu to do something illegal for him!”

“I just want to ask if CEO Lu knows anyone who can understand the case or see what else we can do.”

Lu Chens voice came slowly.

“Who are you talking about, Miss Lin”

“Shao Yi, hes still locked up in the southern police station,” Lin Yun hurriedly said.

“He was arrested because they suspected him of stealing from Lu Teng.”

“Oh,” Lu Chen replied simply without any additional emotions.

Lu Chens attitude made Lin Yun a little uncertain.

Did he agree or not

Would leaving this to him cause him trouble

Or, she might as well not let him help…

Lin Yuns mind was filled with messy thoughts.

Before she could figure out what she wanted, Lu Chens voice sounded again.

“Ill handle it.

Dont worry, Miss Lin.”

Hearing Lu Chens words, Lin Yun felt inexplicably at ease.

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