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Although Ding Ning was impatient to deal with these miscellaneous matters, Luo Gang had specially asked her to train these newbies who might enter the entertainment industry in the future in advance, so she could not refuse.

However, seeing that this group of brainless women had been provoked by a few words, Ding Ning felt even more frustrated.

She looked at Lin Yu coldly for a long time before saying, “Its your choice whether you participate in the competition or not.”

“The allocation of rooms is the production teams decision.

If youre willing to obey, then do so.

If youre not, think of a way to resolve it.”

“In addition, I have to remind you of your current identities as candidates.

Please remember your identities!”

“If you violate the rules of the production team, we have the right to terminate the contract in advance and chase you out!”

After saying that, Ding Ning looked at Lin Yu deeply before turning around and walking out of the room.

The crowd in the corridor moved aside, not daring to block Ding Nings path.

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh at Ding Nings aura.

It was no wonder that she was appointed by Luo Gang to be in charge of the management of celebrities.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and did not intend to continue listening to the gossip outside.

Anyway, the flame had already been drawn in her direction.

She did not intend to go out and stoke it even more.

It was better to rest in the room and endure the upcoming “crowd attack”!

Lin Yun picked up her notebook and tested the speed of the Internet before starting to rush her report.

She had applied for a few days of leave from the professor previously, saying that she had some matters to settle with her biological parents.

The professor also knew about the changes in Lin Yuns family, so he did not ask much and allowed her to take a few days off.

However, although it was a vacation, the research work could not stop for a moment.

Lin Yun was in charge of the core calculations of this project, so there could not be any mistakes.

Fortunately, she and Jin Ying had already done most of the preliminary work.

Now, they only needed to do the necessary calculations on the system to maintain the projects progress.

Lin Yun prepared everything and planned to go into the bathroom to wash up.

It was time to gather.

She had just walked into the bathroom when she heard a scream outside the door.

Lin Yun was shocked.

She quickly adjusted her mask and opened the door to find out what happened.

Outside the door, a girl in a denim dress and a blue wig fell to the ground and looked into the distance.

Lin Yun knew that person.

She was one of the contestants and seemed to be called Han Fang.

Lin Yun saw that she seemed to be frightened and quickly walked forward to help her up.

“Whats wrong” Lin Yun looked at Han Fangs excited and flustered expression strangely.

Han Fangs eyes were still staring in a certain direction.

She reached out with one hand, not knowing what to do.

Lin Yun looked at her in puzzlement and wondered if she had seen a ghost.

“Do you need help” Lin Yun asked again.

She subconsciously moved the wings on her chest to prevent herself from revealing her voice because of her excitement.

Han Fang turned to look at Lin Yun.

Her eyes flickered, revealing her excitement.

“I saw my idol! Ah! Its the real person! Its outside!”

When Lin Yun heard this, she almost fell to the ground with Han Fang.

Her nervousness instantly dissipated, and Lin Yun secretly wiped her cold sweat.

At this moment, Lin Yun remembered that Han Fang had almost fainted when she saw Qi Hao on the stage.

Thinking about it, her scream just now was not strange.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and pulled Han Fang up from the ground.

“Youll scare the others if you shout like this.”

“There should be a lot of celebrities coming and going here.

I think youd better adjust your mentality before you have a heart attack one day.”

Although Lin Yuns words were a little teasing, she was sincerely suggesting.

When Han Fang heard this, she scratched the back of her head in embarrassment and said, “I was too excited.

Its so rare to see a living idol with my own eyes!”

Someone heard the commotion outside and stuck her head out to take a look.

Hearing Han Fangs words, the person couldnt help but ask curiously, “Who is your idol Why are you so excited”

“Lin Qian! Oh my god! Hes really too handsome in person!” Han Fang said with a smitten expression.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment.

She did not expect that the person who made Han Fang “see a ghost” was actually her precious second brother!

Under the mask, Lin Yuns lips curled up slightly.

The door to Lin Yus room suddenly opened.

Lin Yu was about to question why it was so noisy outside.

However, when she heard Han Fangs words, Lin Yu suddenly paused.

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