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For a moment, the crowd was agitated, as if they couldnt wait to chase Han Fang out of the production team.

Han Fangs eyes turned red from grievance.

She wanted to ignore their accusations, but she could not leave a group of people who kept criticizing her.

Lin Yun lowered her head slightly, unwilling to see Han Fang like this.

She whispered to Han Fang when she was close to her.

Han Fang did not react for a moment, but she was stunned on the spot.

Those women did not stop their verbal attacks on Han Fang.

The entire corridor was filled with womens chattering.

“Why are you all gathered together and arguing Didnt you understand what I just said” Ding Nings voice came from afar.

The group of women immediately fell silent, not daring to say another word.

Ding Ning walked into the crowd in her high heels and glanced at Lin Yu coldly.

She frowned.

“Its you again!”

Lin Yu walked towards Ding Ning and lowered her hand that was covering her cheek.

“Sister Ding, Im the victim.

Dont tell me you cant see it.”

Seeing Lin Yus righteous look, Ding Nings expression turned ugly.

“What the hell is going on!” Ding Nings tone was already filled with impatience.

Lin Yu didnt say anything.

Someone beside her had already walked out and pointed at Han Fang.

“Its all Han Fangs fault.

She was actually jealous of Lin Yus strength and deliberately hit Lin Yu!”

“Sister Ding, look.

Lin Yus face is so injured now.

How can she participate in future events!”

Sister Ding stared at Lin Yus face again.

The scar was indeed very obvious.

Even with makeup, she probably couldnt cover it.

Sister Dings expression became a little serious.

“Han Fang! Tell me, what happened!”

“Is there a need to ask her Shes clearly trying to cause trouble!”

“Thats right! Lin Yu is a hot favorite in this competition.

Isnt she just worried that she will be eliminated at the end of the group!”

“Aiya, I think she wants to be famous!”

All of a sudden, the women started arguing again.

Han Fang kept her head lowered for a while before looking up at Ding Ning.

“Sister Ding, I didnt do it on purpose.”

“Is there a hidden surveillance camera in the corridor that can be accessed” Han Fang stared at Ding Ning.

Ding Ning frowned when she heard this, but she did not answer immediately.

Hearing Han Fangs words, the noisy women fell silent.

Was there a hidden surveillance camera in the corridor

What was it for

Wasnt their siege of Han Fang about to be discovered

For a moment, the women looked at each other and then at Lin Yu.

After all, they had spoken up for Lin Yu.

Lin Yu couldnt back down now!

However, they didnt expect Lin Yus expression to look a little strange.

Ding Ning finally stared at Han Fang and asked coldly, “How did you know that there were hidden cameras installed here”

Hearing Ding Nings question, Han Fang tried her best not to look at Ming Yi.

Ming Yi had kindly reminded her just now.

Although she said that she couldnt be sure, she had really helped her!

Han Fang gritted her teeth and said to Ding Yu, “Im just guessing!”

“Sister Ding, if theres really a hidden camera, can you prove my innocence” Han Fang begged again.

Ding Nings expression turned slightly cold, but she did not hide the matter of the surveillance cameras anymore.

“Alright! Ill get the surveillance camera footage.

Go back to your rooms and wait!”

After saying that, Ding Ning turned around and walked towards the temporary office in the other corridor.

After Ding Ning left, the women who had previously planned to let Han Fang leave immediately fell silent.

It had only been a few hours since they joined the production team.

If the production team found out that they were teaming up to ostracize others, it would probably be disadvantageous for their future competitions.

If this news leaked out, the outcome would be even more unimaginable!

They looked at one another and wanted to ask Lin Yu for help, but Lin Yu had already turned around and returned to her room.

She stood at the door of the room and looked at Han Fang.

She said coldly, “Were you talking about Lin Qian Who is that”

Han Fang was stunned for a moment.

She didnt want to answer Lin Yu, but she didnt want to cause trouble for herself.

“If you dont even know Lin Qian, why are you participating in a music program!”

After Han Fang finished speaking, she turned around and entered her room without looking back.

Lin Yun had already returned to her room.

She leaned against the door and took a deep breath.

She had only heard Lin Yu mention the hidden camera in her previous life when she left the production team.

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