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Lin Yun remembered that when Lin Yu returned, she had been in an awkward position for a long time because of this.

The production teams rationale for setting up the surveillance cameras was that the show had to have footage of actual training and life situations.

In order to avoid compromising the privacy of contestants, they set up the cameras in the corridor.

Lin Yun was actually not sure if there was really a hidden camera.

She only planned to help Han Fang, thinking that the suggestion could be helpful.

She did not expect this to be true.

It seemed that Lin Yun had to be especially careful when she entered and left.

Lin Yu stood in the corridor with her head lowered, thinking about something.

After a while, the others returned to their rooms.

Liang Huan, who had to share a room with Lin Yu, also returned to her room to rest.

Lin Yu suddenly thought of something.

She quickly rushed back to her room and opened her laptop to search for Lin Qians information.

While the Internet was filled with advertisements of Lin Qian participating in competitions and events, there was no photo of his true appearance.

There was also no mention of his family background.

There were rumors on the Internet that he hailed from a rich family with more than a hundred million in assets.

Because he loved music, he gave up all his assets to suffer in the entertainment industry.

There were also rumors that his family was behind a mysterious organization.

To prevent enemies from seeking revenge, so he had no choice but to wear a mask.

In short, there were thousands of rumors about Lin Qians identity, but Lin Yu felt that none of them were reliable.

She thought for a moment, turned around, and rushed to the bed beside her.

She tugged at Liang Huan, who was resting on the bed, and asked, “Who is Lin Qian”

Liang Huan frowned.

She was already a little dissatisfied with Lin Yu and angrily shook off Lin Yus hand.

“Why are you pulling me Investigate it yourself!”

Lin Yu bit her lower lip and her expression turned even uglier.

“I cant find anything! Tell me!” Lin Yu couldnt be bothered to pretend to be a gentle young lady anymore.

Anyway, she had already become enemies with Liang Huan.

At most, they would part ways.

Liang Huan looked at Lin Yu and sneered.

“So the gentle and considerate daughter of the Lin family actually has such an evil demeanor behind everyones back!”

Liang Huan rolled her eyes and turned around.

She lay on the bed and ignored Lin Yu.

Lin Yu glared at Liang Huans back and stood on the spot for a long time before turning around and sitting on her bed.

She picked up her phone and dialed Mimis number.

After returning to the Lin family these days, Lin Yu was already used to being doted on and having people fawn over her.

However, Liang Huan did not seem to care about the Lin family at all.

She was completely different from those contestants who wanted to curry favor with her! Lin Yu felt that the production team didnt know how to make arrangements.

Why did she have to share a room with such a person

Lin Yu expressed her dissatisfaction with the production team as she waited for Mimi to answer the call.

After a while, the call went through.

Mimis sleepy voice came through.

“Hello, Xiaoyu, whats the matter”

Lin Yu vented all her pent-up anger on Mimi.

“Why did you take so long to answer the phone Do you know what Ive been looking for you”

Mimi was shocked by Lin Yus sudden outburst of anger and suddenly sat up in bed.

“What, whats wrong” Mimis voice was much clearer, but she was still confused by Lin Yus call.

Lin Yus tone was still filled with anger.

“Are you familiar with the entertainment industry”

Mimi replied blankly, “Yes! So, did something happen”

“Who is Lin Qian” Lin Yu asked again.

She did not believe that she couldnt find out anything about someone with tens of millions of fans in the entertainment industry.

Hearing Lin Yu mention Lin Qian, Mimi was instantly excited.

“Why are you asking about Lin Qian Did you see him”

“I thought you werent interested in these things!” Mimi said excitedly, completely ignoring the hostility in Lin Yus tone.

Lin Yu suppressed her anger and said coldly, “Tell me what you know.

Dont ask anything else.”

“Oh…” Mimi didnt dare to ask further when she heard Lin Yus impatient tone, so she told Lin Yu everything she knew.

Although Mimi said a lot, there was nothing that Lin Yu wanted to know.

“Where did you get this information” Lin Yu pinched the space between her eyebrows in frustration.

“From the Internet! There are many versions of the news about him online!” Mimi didnt notice the impatience in Lin Yus tone.

“Okay, I understand.” Lin Yu hung up before Mimi could finish.

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