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Lin Yu clenched her phone and gritted her teeth, cursing in her heart.

Damn it! If it was really that Lin Qian, she would definitely teach him a lesson!

After so many years as siblings, if Lin Qian really entered the entertainment industry, wouldnt he have long become a rich person Yet he watched her suffer in the fishing village; he was too scheming!


The more Lin Yu thought about it, the angrier she became.

Liang Huan, who was lying on the other bed, couldnt help but be curious.

What was the relationship between Lin Yu and Lin Qian

Why was she so anxious to confirm who Lin Qian was

Could it be that the two of them knew each other

Looking at Lin Yus gritted teeth, could it be that she had something to do with Lin Qian

This was a huge piece of gossip.

It might even be used to sell for money in the future!

Liang Huan secretly recorded Lin Yus every move.

Lin Yun had just packed her things when she received a call from Wang Qi.

“Xiao Yun, where did you go”

“Did you run away from home while I was away” Wang Qis tone was a little tired, but she was in a good mood.

The corners of Lin Yuns mouth curled up slightly.

She leaned against the bed and said softly, “How are things on your side Has the matter been resolved smoothly”

“With Lin Han around, things are going smoothly.” Wang Qi sounded very satisfied.

Lin Yun couldnt help but tease, “Why Youre not calling him Senior anymore Has your relationship improved by leaps and bounds”

“What nonsense are you talking about Ive been busy with Grandpas matters recently.

Its so troublesome to call him Senior…” Although Wang Qi said it matter-of-factly, she could not hide the delight in her tone.

When Lin Yun heard Wang Qi mention Old Master Wang, she asked with concern, “Hows your grandfather”

“The poison has been expelled, but he isnt completely well yet,” Wang Qi said and sighed.

“Lin Han brought a doctor over last time.

He said that Grandpa still needs follow-up treatment before he can completely recover.”

“However, because Grandpa has always been in good health in the past, there wont be too much of a problem for him to recover completely.”

Hearing Wang Qis words, Lin Yun finally relaxed.

Wang Qi suddenly exclaimed, “Dont change the topic! Where have you been these past few days”

Lin Yun pursed her lips and chuckled.

“The school needs me to make a short trip.”

Lin Yun casually made up a reason to brush off Wang Qis curiosity.

Wang Qi didnt suspect anything and only said, “Are you alone Be careful and take care of yourself.”

Hearing Wang Qis instructions, Lin Yun immediately interrupted, “I have someone to support me.

Dont worry! Everything has been arranged!”

“Ill go to the hospital to see your grandfather in a few days!”

The two of them chatted for a while more before hanging up.

Lin Yun sat by the bed and thought of Han Fangs agitated expression just now.

If Lin Qian was also here…

Lin Yun suddenly thought of something and picked up her phone to send Lin Qian a message.

“Second Brother, where are you”

In just a few seconds, Lin Qian replied, “I have a job on the production team.”

Lin Yun blinked and asked again, “What job Which production team”

After a while, Lin Qian replied, “Why Are you coming to visit Do you know the new Masked King Im the guest mentor for this episode.”

Lin Yun looked at the message and only came back to her senses after a while.

If Lin Qian was here to be the guest mentor of the new Masked King, wouldnt that mean that Lin Qian would be judging her

What if Lin Qian discovered her identity She had hidden it for so long.

She could not expose it before she succeeded!

Just as Lin Yun was thinking, Lin Qian sent another message.

“Do you want to come and take a look I can get the production team to arrange for you to come.”

Lin Yun thought for a long time before sending another message.

“Do you know that Lin Yu participated in this competition”

As expected, Lin Qian didnt reply after a while.

Lin Yun placed her phone on the table and looked at the high wall outside the window.

It seemed that there would be a good show soon…

However, she wondered how the relationship between Lin Qian and Lin Yu was.

Lin Yun was curious, and so was Lin Yu.

She called Lin Qian a few times, but Lin Qian didnt answer.

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