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When they arrived at the venue, the contestants sat according to the seat allocation.

Other than Lin Yun and the other female contestants who lived together, the male contestants also came to the venue from the other side of the dormitory.

After everyone gathered, they quietly waited for the program teams subsequent arrangements.

Lin Yun listened to the contestants discuss.

“I heard that the guest this time is Lin Qian!” A more well-informed person couldnt help but show off.

“Really Han Fang wasnt mistaken.

She really saw Lin Qian!”

A few of Lin Qians fans were already excited.

“The production team is really generous! They actually invited Lin Qian!”

“But if you ask me, the production team might as well invite a few professional mentors instead of wasting time inviting celebrities!”

Some people expressed their disagreement about the guests that were invited to the show.

“Hey! Thats too much! Arent Lin Qian and Qi Hao professionals”

“Thats right! Who else do you want Theyre both top professionals in the country!”

The group of people could not resist.

Lin Yun sat at the side and watched them discuss.

Since Lin Qian was her second brother, Lin Yun felt uncomfortable hearing their discussion.

Just as she was about to speak, she heard Lin Yu say softly to those people, “The production team will naturally make arrangements.

Its not good for us to discuss this now, right”

Hearing Lin Yus gentle tone, Han Fang widened her eyes in disbelief.

Liang Huan rolled her eyes.

She couldnt be bothered to watch this woman act.

Lin Yu didnt notice their reaction at all.

She only said to the group of people looking at her, “Were all contestants.

Its not good to question the program teams arrangements.

Moreover, the people who can be hired to guide us must have outstanding qualities.”

As Lin Yu spoke, she lowered her eyes slightly and looked humble.

When the others saw this, they couldnt help but sigh that Lin Yu was really as gentle and humble as the rumors had claimed.

However, they didnt know that Lin Yu had her own plans for making such a statement.

If Lin Qian was really her former second brother, he had to help her on account that they were once siblings!

Lin Yu recalled what Teacher Fu had said to her yesterday and felt her anger about to erupt.

Initially, Lin Cheng had invited Teacher Fu to guide Lin Yu before she entered the team.

Who knew that Teacher Fu would actually say bluntly that Lin Yus talent was average and that she had no way of winning the championship

After seeing the performance of the more capable contestants, he even suggested to Lin Yu that she withdraw from the competition.

“Teacher Fu, although Xiaoyu started late, her comprehension is very high.

Perhaps she can…” Lin Cheng said unwillingly.

It had to be known that Lin Yu participating in this competition was no longer her business.

She represented the reputation of the entire Lin family.

If she were to withdraw, wouldnt the entire Lin family be embarrassed

Wang Lan also looked at Teacher Fu pleadingly.

“Please guide Xiaoyu more.

Xiaoyu is very smart.

She will definitely be able to learn it.”

“This competition is very important to Xiaoyu.

Please, Teacher Fu!”

Teacher Fu looked at Lin Cheng with a troubled expression.

“CEO Lin, I came to teach Miss Lin Yu because I thought she had the same strength as Miss Lin Yun back then.”

“Especially after seeing Miss Lin Yus first match, Im even more confident.”

“However, to be honest…” Teacher Fu couldnt help but sigh.” Miss Lin Yus performance disappointed me.

“CEO Lin, Im sorry, Im really not capable enough.

You should find someone else!”

Before Lin Cheng and Wang Lan could persuade him further, Teacher Fu had already left.

Lin Yu cried for the entire night before Lin Cheng could calm down helplessly.

When Lin Yu packed her things and came to the production team, Wang Lan specially instructed Lin Yu to think of a way to last until the finals.

Even if she couldnt win the championship, she had to appear in the finals!

Of course, Lin Yu wanted to last until the finals!

However, without Ji Rou and Teacher Fus help, how could she participate in the competition

Therefore, when she first entered the group, Lin Yu deliberately looked for trouble, hoping to create some public opinion and use this to withdraw from the competition!

However, everything had changed…

If Lin Qian was really a mentor, perhaps she could really reach the finals!

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