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Lin Yu ignored Pei Mans puzzled tone and asked briskly, “Mom, is Second Brother at home”

When Pei Man heard Lin Yus question, she couldnt help but be stunned.

“Are you looking for your second brother”

“Yes! Is Second Brother at home” Lin Yu asked again.

Pei Man frowned and looked up at Lin Ting for help.

Ever since Lin Yu returned to her native family to acknowledge her roots, she had no contact with this side.

Especially after the previous banquet, Pei Man even thought that Lin Yu would never contact them again.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yu suddenly called at this moment.

Pei Man was originally happy, but Lin Yu only wanted to look for Lin Qian.

At this moment, Pei Man was confused…

Lin Tings expression did not change at all as he looked at Pei Man.

Pei Man paused for a moment before saying, “Your second brother isnt at home.

Just call him.”

Lin Yu sounded aggrieved.

“I called Second Brother several times today, but he didnt answer any of them.”

When Pei Man heard Lin Yus complaint, her tone was filled with dissatisfaction.

“I cant find him either.

You can call him a few more times!”

“Its getting late.

Your father and I… We still have to rest.

Ill hang up first.” Pei Man hung up the phone and pouted with her arms crossed, looking angry.

Lin Ting put down the work in his hand and came to Pei Mans side.

He said softly, “Dont be angry.

Well regard her as someone we raised for charity.”

“We still have Xiao Yun!” Lin Ting said as he gently pressed Pei Mans shoulder.

Pei Mans shoulders drooped slightly as she sighed.

“The daughter I raised for more than ten years actually became like this…”

“Am I a failure” Pei Man looked up at Lin Ting.

Lin Ting smiled and said, “But the daughter you gave birth to is very sensible! Thats enough!”

Hearing Lin Tings words, Pei Man thought for a moment and realized that it seemed to be true.

Her expression immediately relaxed.

“But why is Xiaoyu looking for Second Brother Its so late.

Could it be that theres something urgent” Pei Man said and became worried again.

Although Lin Yu was no longer her daughter, she was still a child who had been raised for more than ten years.

It was impossible for her not to be worried…

Lin Feng pushed the door open and walked in.

He glanced at his parents and said, “When you can care about your sons as much as you care about your daughter, you might know everything!”

As Lin Feng spoke, he picked up his bag and walked out.

Pei Man was stunned and immediately called out to Lin Feng.

“What should we know Did something happen”

Lin Feng glanced in Lin Tings direction and realized that Lin Ting was also staring at him.

Lin Feng shrugged and said, “Watch more entertainment news and youll all understand!”

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he left quickly without waiting for their response.

He had triggered a bomb with those words.

If he didnt leave as soon as possible, he would be in trouble if that bomb affected him!


After Lin Feng left, Pei Man looked up at Lin Ting.

“Entertainment news What news”

Lin Ting gently stroked Pei Mans cheek and said, “Its not important! Rest early! You have dark circles under your eyes recently…”

“Really Do I already have dark circles” Pei Man rushed into the bathroom.


“Hao Ping, how many calls” Lin Qian sat on the sofa with a red wine glass in one hand as he looked at Fu Hengs message.

“Eleven…” Hao Ping counted the missed calls on his phone and said helplessly.

“Shes really persistent.” Lin Qian snorted unhappily.

“She doesnt know how annoying she is!”

Hao Ping looked at Lin Qian and frowned slightly.

“Brother Qian, are you really not picking up I think at this rate, shell keep calling!”

“No! Why should I care about her!” Lin Qian gritted his teeth and placed the red wine glass on the table.

“Let me tell you, this girl is just taking advantage of me.

I cant let her taint me in this competition!”

“Otherwise, she will definitely ask me to use my identity to give her some benefits!”

“I cant let her guess my true identity!”

When Hao Ping heard this, he was in a difficult position.

He grew up in the fishing village with the siblings.

Although he wasnt familiar with Lin Yu, it was impossible for Lin Yu not to recognize him!

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