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When Ning Kun appeared in front of Lin Qian, Lin Qian was really shocked.

“Why did CEO Fu send you here” Lin Qian looked at Ning Kun in disbelief.

“Youre CEO Lus treasure!”

Ning Kun rolled his eyes helplessly and said, “CEO Lu knew that Brother Qian needed me, so he asked me to pack my bags and come over to help quickly.”


Lin Qian raised his eyebrows slightly, feeling that Ning Kun was implying something.

Ning Kun didnt hide it and sat beside Lin Qian to gossip about his boss.

“CEO Lu is very interested in Ming Yi, but CEO Fu didnt succeed in signing her.”

“With Brother Qian taking action this time, CEO Lu naturally hopes to obtain first-hand news.”

“However, the most important thing is…” Ning Kun looked around mysteriously.

Lin Qian frowned and looked at Ning Kun.

He subconsciously leaned back to avoid being affected by him.

Ning Kun turned around and whispered into Lin Qians ear, “CEO Lu suspects that Ming Yi is the person he has been looking for!”

“Furthermore, he discovered that Ming Yi might be the person he had been waiting for!”

Hearing Ning Kuns words, Lin Qian felt a headache coming on…

“Who is it” Lin Qian shouted angrily.

He was completely stunned by this master and subordinate.

If he had to be with Ning Kun these days, he would rather be alone!

Lu Chen naturally couldnt feel Lin Qians pain.

He was looking at the latest information about Ming Yi aka Dark One sent by Fu Heng.

“She has been collecting dirt on the Lin family recently” Lu Chen looked at the record of Dark Oneis appearance and frowned.

“Yes! So Im wondering if this person has a grudge against the Lin family” As Fu Heng spoke, he even pointed at the information.

“However, there are indeed people from Wing World who want Dark One to do the mission.

Its just that I think Dark One seems to be especially proactive this time!” Fu Heng emphasized again.

Lu Chen looked at the places Fu Heng pointed at.

They were actually related to Lin Cheng colluding with other companies to annex the Wang familys businesses.

Was Dark One very concerned about the Wang familys business

Could it be someone related to the Wang family

Lu Chen could not confirm it for a moment, so he could only let Fu Heng send his subordinates to continue watching.

He had to find Dark One!

… .

“Ming Yi, are you asleep” There was a knock on the door.

Lin Yun closed her laptop and tidied her veil before walking over to open the door.

Outside the door, Han Fang was holding a basin of fruits with a smile on her face.

“Im here to thank you!”

Lin Yun tilted her head slightly, seemingly puzzled.

“Thank me”

“Yes… and Im sorry for getting you involved today,” Han Fang said sincerely.

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “Its fine.

It was nothing.”

“If you hadnt reminded me about the cameras today, I would have been chased out by them!” Han Fang pushed the fruit basket in her hand to Ming Yi.

“I dont have anything to thank you for.

I only have some fruits planted by my family.

Try them!” Han Fang said with a smile.

Just as Lin Yun was hesitating about how to deal with it, she heard a mocking voice not far away.

“As expected of country bumpkins! They even give such low-level gifts!”

When Han Fang heard that persons words, she turned around and glared at her.

“What do you mean Who are you calling a gift low-level!”

Lin Yun also turned to look at that person.

Her eyes narrowed.

She knew this person.

This persons name was Li Jing, one of the small fries who tried to curry favor with Lin Yu.

However, Li Jing had another identity.

Lin Yun only found out later.

Li Jing was originally an illegitimate child of Li Tings fathers mistress.

She was also trying her best to stand out in this competition in order to obtain the approval of the Li family and her father.

After hearing that the Li family had always wanted to build a relationship with the Lin family, Li Jing worked hard to stay by Lin Yus side.

After all, her useless sister couldnt stay by Lin Yus side now, giving her a chance to seize the advantage.

It seemed like she wanted to take the opportunity to show her loyalty to Lin Yu!

Li Jing walked to Han Fangs side, grabbed the plum in the basket, and pinched it hard.

“Look, only poor people like you will eat this sour and bitter thing!”

Han Fang hugged the basket tightly and snatched the plum back from Li Jing.

“Its none of your business! Its not your place to judge whether its sour or not!”

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