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Lin Yun couldnt help but roll her eyes under the veil.

Were all women so idiotic these days

Why were they arguing like children

Sighing helplessly, Lin Yun sighed helplessly.

She had to get them to leave quickly.

She still had something to do!

“Ill accept the fruits.

Thank you for your kindness,” Lin Yun said to Han Fang and took the basket from her.

She then said to Li Jing on the other side, “Ill try it myself.

If youre afraid of sourness, just stay away from here!”

Li Jing naturally refused to let Ming Yi bring the things in.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, tilted her head, and sized up Ming Yi.

“You guys formed a small clique on your own, but Sister Ding specially said that youre not allowed to do so!”

Han Fang turned to glare at Li Jing.

“Are you here to find trouble”

“Which eye of yours saw a small group I havent mentioned that you follow Lin Yu like a pug all day!”

The more Han Fang spoke, the angrier she became.

She exposed Li Jings actions.

Li Jings expression turned ugly when she heard Han Fangs words.

“What do you mean!” Li Jing raised her voice, clearly very sensitive to Han Fangs accusation.

Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel, Lin Yun kindly reminded them, “Theres a camera.”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, the other two fell silent.

And all of this happened to be seen by the staff passing by.

“Alright, alright, Im tired.

Im going back to rest!” Han Fang said impatiently and stuffed the fruit basket into Ming Yis arms.

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