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Lin Yu was indignant and even glared at Ming Yi with hatred.

Lin Yun listened to their comments and felt Lin Yus murderous gaze.

She couldnt help but feel helpless.

Why couldnt she hide from these gossipers no matter where she went

It also seemed there was no way she couldnt escape Lin Yus hatred!

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

It seemed that she should finish the competition as soon as possible and stay away from these people!

The group of people chattered for a long time before the production team staff ran over and divided everyone into a few groups to train their form and bearing.

Lin Yun had already informed the production team about this training.

She would cooperate with all the training programs, but she would never change her clothes and veil.

The production teams answer was to uphold a fair and just attitude.

They valued the contestants privacy more, so they would not force the contestants to do something they did not want to do.

After reaching an agreement with the production team, Lin Yun was willing to do those boring physical training.

The reason why it was called boring was that Lin Yun had long received relevant training.

Firstly, Lin Cheng allowed Lin Yun to accompany him to important events and specially hired someone to train her to be like a young lady.

Secondly, in order to participate in various competitions since she was young, Lin Yun accepted many etiquette training requirements from different regions and competitions.

Therefore, she was already used to such things.

When the training ended at noon, the contestants were all crying and complaining that they were exhausted.

On the other hand, Lin Yun sat in the corner alone and did not say a word, looking even more out of place.

Han Fang went to Lin Yuns side and asked in a low voice, “Arent you tired You seemed to have worked hard just now!”

Lin Yun shook her head.

“Im used to it!”

When Han Fang heard this, she determined that Ming Yi was a person who was used to suffering.

She was probably similar to her.

She was someone with a poor background…

With this empathy, Han Fangs attitude towards Ming Yi seemed to have changed a little.

She took Ming Yis hand and said, “Let me massage you!”

With that, Han Fang came behind Ming Yi, wanting to relax her.

Lin Yun immediately avoided her and said softly to Han Fang, “No need! Im really not tired!”

What a joke!

What if Han Fang accidentally removed her veil or something else happened This kind of small trick was not strange in the entertainment industry!

Seeing that Ming Yi did not accept her good intentions, Han Fang said with an aggrieved expression, “I just want to help you.

Its fine if youre unwilling.”

Han Fangs voice was neither loud nor soft, but it was just enough for the few people resting beside her to hear.

When those people heard this, they could not help but fabricate a cold and unreasonable topic.

Lin Yun naturally heard these rumors, but she didnt care.

In this so-called training class, before artists debuted, no one would take such false rumors seriously!

Lin Yun and Han Fang nodded and left the resting area, preparing to return to their rooms to tidy up before participating in the afternoon class.

Just as she walked to the corridor between the training area and the dormitory area, Lin Yun saw Ning Kun.

She subconsciously felt that something had happened to Lu Chen.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to stop Ning Kun, Lin Yun glanced at her black clothes and immediately fell silent.

She turned slightly to give Ning Kun more space.

Ning Kun walked past Lin Yun as if he didnt see her.

Lin Yun looked at Ning Kuns back for a long time.

At this moment, a voice sounded behind her.

“Do you like him”

Lin Yun was shocked by this voice.

She turned around and saw Lin Qian wearing a mask in front of her.

Lin Yun almost laughed out loud.

The two of them were really biological siblings.

Even their clothes to hide their identities were the same.

However, Lin Yun didnt intend to acknowledge Lin Qian just like that.

She lowered her head slightly and shook her head.

“No, I just dont know what happened for him to be in such a hurry.

Im just curious.”

Lin Qian looked at Ming Yi deeply and said, “I feel that you give me a very familiar feeling.”

“What I saw in the video and what I really came into contact with gave me a different feeling,” Lin Qian said seriously, trying hard to confirm the guess in his heart.

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