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“Perhaps we know each other” Lin Qian probed.

Lin Yun tilted her head slightly and looked at Lin Qian.

“If you dont show your true face, how would you know that I know you”

Lin Qian was instantly speechless.

He coughed before saying, “Its just that when I saw your hand today, I felt like you are someone I knew.”

Lin Yun smiled behind the veil.

“Maybe we really know each other in life, or maybe everything is just a coincidence.”

Hearing Ming Yis ambiguous words, Lin Qian frowned.

However, with the mask covering his expression, Lin Yun could not be sure what her second brother was thinking.

After a while, Lin Qian reached out his hand and said, “Be it knowing you or a coincidence, I admire your ability.

I hope your competition goes smoothly!”

Lin Yun also reached out and happily accepted Lin Qians blessing.

“Thank you!”

The two of them chatted for a while before parting.

All of this was captured by a black shadow holding a camera not far away.

Lin Yun returned to her room and was about to wash up when she heard her phone ring.

Lin Yun picked up her phone and took a look.

It was Lu Chen.

She took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

“CEO Lu, whats the matter”

“Miss Lin doesnt seem to want to hear my voice” Lu Chens voice was a little disappointed.

Lin Yun tried her best to smile and said, “No, Im just a little tired today.”

“Are you very busy in the morning” Lu Chen asked again.

“Yes, I have a lot to do…” Lin Yun replied perfunctorily.

“Is it about training” Lu Chen asked again.

Lin Yun subconsciously wanted to answer, but she suddenly realized that Lu Chen did not know that she was going to participate in the training!

She immediately became alert and said, “CEO Lu, what training I just have more things to do with the schools research project!”

Lu Chen said with a smile, “I thought Miss Lin went to sign up for some physical training camp.”

Lin Yun frowned tightly, feeling that Lu Chen was implying something.

She didnt intend to continue this topic, so she asked, “CEO Lu, are you calling to ask about my physical training”

Lu Chen stopped smiling and said seriously, “The matter you asked me about has been resolved.”

Lin Yun blinked and recalled that she had only asked Lu Chen for one thing recently…

“Shao Yi has been released” Lin Yun asked in surprise.

“Yes! He has already gone home! His mother came to pick him up this morning,” Lu Chen said affirmatively.

Hearing Lu Chens words, the weight in her heart was finally lifted.

She did not know how to express her gratitude and could only thank him.

Lu Chen seemed dissatisfied with Lin Yuns expression.

“I didnt do all these for Miss Lins thank you.”

Lin Yun almost blurted out, “What are you doing this for”

However, she vaguely knew that if she asked, their relationship would definitely change!

She didnt want anything to change, and she didnt want what had happened in her previous life to happen again!

Lin Yun tried her best to suppress her emotions and said slowly, “However, theres really nothing I can do for Mr.


With my current ability, I can only thank you!”

“No! You do!” Lu Chen did not give Lin Yun a chance to escape.

Lin Yun held her breath.

She did not dare to ask Lu Chen what it was and could only wait quietly.

After a long time, Lu Chen said again, “I heard about Miss Lins unique investment vision, so I hope you can come to the investment company to help me!”

Hearing Lu Chens words, Lin Yun was stunned.

“What are you talking about, Mr.

Lu I dont know anything about investments!”

“Miss Lin, have you forgotten about Jin Yan” Lu Chen exposed Lin Yuns background.

Lin Yun pursed her lips and thought for a long time before saying, “CEO Lu, can you give me three more days Lets talk in person in three days”

Lu Chen seemed to have no intention of pressing Lin Yun too hard, so he said, “Alright! Ill arrange a place.

Miss Lin, please do me the honor!”

Hearing Lu Chens words, Lin Yun knew that she could not avoid it and could only accept her fate.

Lin Yun laughed dryly and said, “Mr.

Lu is indeed a genius in the business world.

Your negotiation skills are simply top-notch!”

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