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Lin Yun looked coldly at the group of brainless people in front of her.

She couldnt imagine what kind of impact it would have on the public if these people really became celebrities!

Amidst everyones accusations, Lin Yun stood up and walked out.

She did not want to defend herself.

Besides, even if she did, these people would not listen at all.

They only wanted to believe their own guesses!

Lin Yun had just reached the door when she bumped into Ding Ning.

Ding glanced at Ming Yi, obviously hearing the discussion and accusations in the training room.

Ding Ning said to Ming Yi expressionlessly, “Go back!”

Lin Yun glanced at Ding Ning and did not speak.

She turned around and returned to her seat.

As Ding Ning walked, she shouted, “Meeting!”

Ding Nings words instantly suppressed the discussion just now and made everyone silent.

Her gaze swept across Han Fang, and Han Fang immediately shrank her neck and sat a distance away from Ming Yi.

Seeing that everyone had quietened down, Ding Ning stared at everyone with bright eyes.

“Youre here to participate in the competition.

Dont mess around!”

“Ill remind you again.

If you let me see you fabricate rumors about other peoples matters or make wild guesses that affect their reputation, you will have to withdraw from the competition!”

“We dont welcome such people!”

Ding Nings words immediately silenced the indignant crowd.

Lin Yun sat on the spot and looked at Ding Ning without any emotions.

Ding Ning snorted and said to everyone, “As arranged, youve completed todays training.”

“Next, Ill group you up and arrange for a mentor to give you targeted guidance.”

“From tomorrow onwards, how much experience and skills you can absorb in a day will depend on yourselves!”

“The competition the night after tomorrow is your last chance!”

“Dont expect anyone else to do anything for you!”

“Otherwise, get out!”

After Ding Ning finished speaking, she looked at everyone again.

Seeing that most people lowered their heads and did not dare to look at her, Ding Ning snorted in satisfaction.

Her gaze swept to Lin Yu, who was staring at her.

Her eyes narrowed, but she didnt say anything.

Lin Yun also noticed Lin Yus reaction.

Although she felt that it was a little strange, she didnt think too much about it.

With Ding Yus style, even if Lin Yu planned to do something, there was a high chance that she wouldnt succeed!

After a day of training, everyone was exhausted.

However, they were still looking forward to seeing their mentor.

After all, one of the mentors was the national idol, Lin Qian!

Under everyones anticipation, Lin Qian and another girl walked into the training room.

Lin Yun was a little stunned when she looked at the two of them.

Lin Yu sat there in a daze, not knowing how to react.

The other contestants gazes were all focused on Lin Qian.

They had no expectations for that unknown girl.

Lin Qian politely gave up his seat for the girl and greeted the contestants warmly.

Compared to Lin Qians enthusiasm, that girl was much colder.

Many contestants even began to wonder if this girl was really qualified or capable of becoming their mentor!

Lin Yun stared at the girl for a long time before finally revealing a bitter smile.

This world was really too small!

Now, she wondered what Lin Yu would do!

As Lin Yun thought about it, she looked in Lin Yus direction.

Lin Yu was already sitting on pins and needles as she stared at the girl.

Lin Qian introduced himself and enthusiastically introduced everyone.

“This is the goddess of creation in my heart, Rolin.

It was not easy to get her to come!”

“Its her first time leading contestants!” Lin Qian said as he took a step back to give Ji Rou some space.


Ji Rou faced the contestants in front of her and looked at Lin Yu before smiling.

“Everyone, its a pleasure to meet you.”

“I also hope that my interaction with everyone will go smoothly tomorrow.

I will do my best to help everyone improve!”

After Ji Rou finished speaking, Lin Qian immediately applauded enthusiastically.

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly.

Looking at her second brothers fawning look, she suddenly suspected that he might be straight after all..

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