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According to the results of the previous competition, the two groups would be taught by two mentors.

Lin Yuns group A was guided by Ji Rou, while Lin Yus group B was guided by Lin Qian.

After confirming the groups and mentors, everyone returned to their rooms to rest.

Before leaving the training room, Lin Yu kept her eyes on Ji Rou.

She could not understand how a woman who was not famous at all could come here to be a mentor!

Fortunately, she was not in Ji Rous group.

Otherwise, she would not even be in the mood to compete!

Seeing that Lin Yu was in a bad mood, Li Jing quickly went forward and asked, “Xiaoyu, are you alright Are you feeling unwell”

Lin Yu ignored this idiot and quickened her pace.

Ji Rou also noticed Lin Yus reaction.

After watching her leave expressionlessly, she turned to look at Lin Qian.

“Why did you pull me over to be a mentor If I cant do it well, youll be responsible!”

Lin Qian immediately chuckled and said, “Dont worry, dont worry! The responsibility is on me!”

“Besides, with your strength, its their luck to be trained by you!”

Hearing Lin Qians flattery, Ji Rou pursed her lips and didnt respond.

After the two of them left, Lin Yun walked toward her room.

She did not expect the world to be so small.

Ji Rou knew her because of Lin Yu, and she was actually familiar with her second brother.

However, on careful thought, this was not strange.

They were all in the same circle, so it was not strange for them to know each other.

Moreover, Lin Yun knew Ji Rous strengths very well.

Lin Qian was not a fool.

He naturally knew that Ji Rou was worthy of his attention!

The next morning, just after dawn, the production crew started knocking on the door to urge everyone to get up.

Amidst the complaints, everyone gathered in the training room.

Lin Yun was dressed neatly and stood there, forming a sharp contrast with the contestants who were rubbing their eyes and yawning.

Ji Rou pursed her lips, a little dissatisfied with their laziness.

She cleared her throat and said, “Everyone, go out and run three rounds around the basketball court before coming back!”

Hearing Ji Rous instructions, those contestants complained, “Were here to compete, not to participate in military training! Why are we running!”

“Thats right! Its not even 8 AM yet! Why are you running!”

“I havent had breakfast yet.

Running will lower my blood sugar!”

Complaints sounded as Ji Rous expression darkened.

Amidst her complaints, Lin Yun turned around and left.

Because she was alone, most of them did not notice her actions.

The few people standing near her noticed her actions, but they sneered at her for being so obedient.

They even scolded her and tried to curry favor with her mentor.

Finally, when one of the contestants shouted, “I dont want to go out,” Ji Rou exploded.

She shouted coldly at all the contestants in front of her, “Those who want to participate in tomorrows competition, go out and run now! If you dont run enough, dont come back!”

Hearing Ji Rous words, all the contestants shut up.

The mentor did have the right to decide their fate.

However, they did not expect Ji Rou to be so “indifferent” when they saw a gentle girl like her!

Although they kept complaining, everyone obediently left the training room.

Three laps back and everyone was awake.

Ji Rou looked at the panting people in front of her with disdain.

Her gaze landed on Ming Yi, who was standing in the corner.

She felt that this Ming Yi was very familiar.

She frowned and ignored this strange feeling.

Instead, she began basic vocal training for everyone.

Although these contestants had already experienced the early stages of the competition, and many of them were celebrities who had already debuted in various companies, not many of them had really undergone systematic vocal training.

Many of the contestants revealed puzzled and angry expressions when Ji Rou asked them to do the most basic training.

But since Ji Rou was their mentor, they could only endure it even if they were unwilling.

However, later on, they realized that Ji Rou was really something! She would adjust their vocal training methods according to the conditions of the different contestants and also teach them how to showcase the unique beauty of their voices.

Just like that, the basic training took up half a day.

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