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Lin Cheng walked into the study.

When he saw the documents on the table, his expression became even uglier.

Recalling what he had seen at the door, he could not help but sigh deeply.

The information was about Lin Yu.

Since he planned to bring Lin Yu back, in order to pave a better future for her, he had to know more about her past.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yus past had surprised Lin Cheng so much that he could be described as “seeing her in a different light”!

Lin Yu came from a poor family background and had been with a bunch of street thugs since junior high.

Besides learning a bunch of bad habits, scamming and swindling was also a common occurrence.

Other than being severely punished by the school several times, there were disciplinary records with the police!


Lin Cheng had to spend a lot of effort and money to settle Lin Yus “glorious achievements”.

In order to create a “clean” background for Lin Yu, Lin Cheng felt that he couldnt even keep up his appearance!

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Thankfully, everything had been arranged.

As long as Lin Yu followed his instructions obediently, she would naturally become the Lin familys legitimate eldest daughter!

Lin Cheng sighed and put the files into a bag, before placing everything into the safe.

Lin Yun was pushed to the dining room by Aunt Xu for lunch before she realized that she was the only one there.

“Where are Mom and Dad” Lin Yun looked at Auntie Li, who was working in the kitchen, in confusion.

“Old Master said that he went out for something.”

“Miss Xiao Yu isnt feeling well.

Madam is taking care of her.”

Lin Yun smiled coldly.

Then, she retracted her smile and said, “Aunt Li, Im hungry.

Lets eat!”

“Uh…” Auntie Li seemed troubled.

“What” Lin Yun seemed to have expected something, but she pretended not to know.

“Madam said that theres no need to prepare lunch,” Auntie Li said helplessly.

Lin Yun chuckled, clearly not surprised.

She said to Aunt Xu, “Aunt Xu, since theres nothing to eat at home, lets go out for a walk!”

Although Aunt Xu was angry, she couldnt show it.

She pushed Lin Yun out with her head lowered.


Lin Yun asked the driver to drive to Lian University.

Lian University, Hai Chengs famous elite school.

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About a hundred years ago, the Ling family, the richest family in Hai Cheng, had funded the construction.

Lian was the name of the eldest daughter of the Ling family.

Although Lian University was a private university that recruited members of the clan, its teachers were powerful and had produced many outstanding talents over the past hundred years.

To be able to enter Lian University not only required a rich family background and resources, but also an important test of ones strength.

Lin Yun got out of the car and refused Aunt Xus help, walking towards the school club building.

“Dad, were you looking for me” Lin Yu knocked twice on the study door before pushing it open and entering.

Lin Cheng frowned and walked towards Lin Yu.

He pointed at the sofa and said, “Sit!”

“Oh,” Lin Yu replied and obediently sat down beside the sofa.

“Its been a while since you came back to the Lin Family.

Are you adapting well” Lin Cheng asked with concern.

Lin Yu had a satisfied smile on her face.

“Its much better than my previous life! I feel like Im dreaming every day!”

Lin Cheng nodded, as if he didnt want to continue listening to Lin Yus emotional words.

“Since you have returned to the Lin family, you better forget about your previous life!”

Thinking of Lin Yus past “glorious achievements”, Lin Chengs brows could not help but knit together tightly again.

Lin Yu saw that Lin Chengs expression wasnt good and didnt dare to ask further.

She replied softly, “Okay, I understand!”

“What plans do you have in the future” Lin Cheng asked again, staring straight at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was stunned for a moment, as if she had never thought of this question.

She couldnt tell Lin Cheng that her only thought now was to take everything back from Lin Yun and chase that disgusting woman and Aunt Xu out of the Lin family!

As Lin Yu didnt answer, Lin Cheng opened his mouth again.

“Your previous results…” As Lin Cheng spoke, his eyebrows twisted even tighter.

“Forget about the past.

Ill arrange for you to continue studying at Lian University.

You have to seize the opportunity!”

Lin Yu nodded obediently and looked at Lin Cheng gratefully.

“Thank you, Dad!”

With that, Lin Yus eyes seemed a little melancholic.

“If only I had such a good learning opportunity in the past!”

“Dont think about the past anymore!” Lin Cheng couldnt help but remind her again.

Lin Yu was startled by Lin Chengs unyielding attitude.

She quickly nodded and said, “I know! I wont!”


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