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Seeing the troubled expression on the judges faces, the smile on Lin Yus face deepened.

Under the makeup, she looked even more beautiful.

As she spoke in a gentle voice, her tone was calm, as if something was being suppressed.

As Lin Yun listened to Lin Yu sing, she couldnt help but frown.

After Lin Yu finished singing, all the judges were still stunned, not knowing how to react.

The effect of Lin Yus song alone was not even two-thirds of the contestants who had already appeared.

However, this song was composed under Fu Tongs guidance, making it difficult to judge.

After all, Fu Tong was a composer with a changeable style.

Some of his songs were difficult to appreciate and accept; this had become characteristic of his music.

And this song did have some of Fu Tongs unique personal style.

However, there seemed to be something strange about Lin Yus performance.

This situation immediately made things difficult for all the judges.

Although Qi Hao was a big-name celebrity who was daring in his speech and action, he was still a few steps away from a master-level figure like Fu Tong.

He did not dare to define Fu Tongs work in vain.

Instantly, the scene fell into a strange silence.

Finally, the only professor from the music school, Professor Cen, was the first to give Lin Yu a high score of 9.

The art director of Peng Yue Media beside Qi Hao also gave a perfect score of 10.

Qi Hao frowned tightly.

He wanted to give her a low score, but he could not overcome the conflict in his heart.

Finally, he still gave her eight points.

He even subconsciously glanced in the direction of Lin Qian and Ji Rou.

Lin Qian and Ji Rous votes would be cast at the end.

It was an important vote that concerned the final life and death of the contestants.

Qi Hao believed that they would definitely be able to turn the tide in the end!

Although Lin Yu was not very satisfied with Qi Haos score, she was still in the lead, so she did not mind.

Unexpectedly, her idea yesterday actually succeeded!

Initially, when Fu Tong wasnt willing to teach her anymore, he had already made it clear to Lin Cheng that he didnt want Lin Yu to publicize her identity as his disciple.

However, since Fu Tong had promised Lin Cheng to teach Lin Yu well, it would be too unkind to to completely draw the line.

Therefore, when Lin Cheng contacted Fu Tong again, hoping that he could help Lin Yu as much as possible, Fu Tong agreed to give Lin Yu a song he had composed.

This song was under Lin Yus name, and Fu Tong didnt intend to do anything else for this song.

It was because of this that Lin Yu could use this song to muddle through in front of these judges.

Although it was Lin Yuns first time hearing this song, it was obvious that what this song was supposed to express should be very different from what Lin Yu sang.

Moreover, although this song was a little strange in terms of the lyric style, Lin Yun knew that Lin Yu had problems with a few changes in tone and pitch.

Lin Yun sighed slightly, helpless that Lin Yu had ruined such a good song.

Before Lin Yun could finish sighing, she saw Jiang Juan walk onto the stage.

She was the other contestant who had eaten Han Fangs fruits previously.

If Jiang Juan could not complete the competition because of this, then there must be something wrong with Han Fangs fruits!

Jiang Juan was also a contestant in Group A.

If it was really as Han Fang had planned, Jiang Juan would definitely not be able to complete the competition smoothly.

However, to Lin Yuns surprise, not only did Jiang Juan complete her singing, but her performance was also very outstanding.

Jiang Juan had surpassed Lin Yu with a score of two 9 points and a 10 points!

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