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Lin Yun turned to look at Lin Yus expression, but noted that her expression was indifferent.

She didnt seem to be angry at being surpassed.

Lin Yun was puzzled and looked at Lin Yu with speculation.

After Lin Yu left the stage, she walked past Ming Yi and smiled before leaving.

Lin Yun could clearly feel the mockery and disdain in Lin Yus attitude.

Lin Yun instantly tensed up.

At that moment, she felt nervousness and anger from the depths of her heart.

She was indignant.

If she let Lin Yu safely enter the next round of the competition, she would never be able to accept it!

Lin Yun was in a daze when she heard the staff call her name.

Lin Yun was surprised.

She could really PK with Lin Yu!

She quickly responded to the call of the production team and quickly walked onto the stage.

Indeed, Lin Yuns appearance on the stage immediately caused the judges below the stage to frown.

Even Qi Hao found it difficult to disregard up Ming Yis flaws and focus her stunning talent after seeing the carefully prepared makeup of the other contestants.

Lin Yun naturally knew what these people were thinking, but she came up to surprise them!


Lin Yun casually untied her black robe and revealed the black gown inside.

She gently removed the hat and mask that covered most of her face and used a black veil with silver threads that could cover her nose and mouth as a decoration for her face.

Her straight black hair allowed her to maintain her original black outfit, and the silver wing decoration in her hair matched the color of the veil, even accentuating Lin Yuns unique temperament.

The judges originally disdainful expressions became admiring and curious.

The other contestants were also dumbfounded by Lin Yuns costume.

Li Jing stood rooted to the ground and looked at Ming Yis disguise in a daze.

After a while, she said, “Why is she so cunning She actually used such a method!”

“So what if she used a disguise to attract the judges attention She still has to use her strength…”

Before Li Jing could finish, she bit her tongue.

Did Ming Yi need others to comment on her strength The person who walked into the competition venue with special treatment was already extremely strong!

While Li Jing was still making up stories in her head about Ming Yi, Lin Yu had already witnessed Ming Yis makeup change.

She gripped the cup in her hand tightly, wishing she could crush it!

When Lin Qian saw this disguise, he couldnt help but whistle.

He was really surprised to see Ming Yis change in appearance.

When Ji Rou looked at Ming Yis appearance, she felt that something was familiar.

Before Ji Rou could react, Lin Yun had already begun to chant in a low voice.

Her low and even hoarse voice made the song sound like a cry.

It was such a sorrowful song that made many people present weep.

After Lin Yun finished singing, the venue was silent.

No one said anything.

She could even vaguely hear sobbing.

Finally, Lin Qian stood up and clapped at Lin Yun.


Hearing Lin Qians praise, the other judges also stood up.

Ji Rou looked at Lin Yun deeply and stood up to applaud her.

Among the contestants, many people applauded Lin Yun from the bottom of their hearts.

Of course, some people were forced by the situation and clapped.

Amidst the applause, Lin Yuns lips curled up slightly behind the black veil.

With the judges each giving her 10 points, Lin Yun became the undisputed first place in this competition.

After walking off the stage, Lin Yun walked past Han Fang and said softly, “Thank you for the fruit! It really brings good luck!”

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