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Lin Yun ignored Han Fang, who was gritting her teeth and cursing softly behind her and walked towards Lin Yu, who was not far away.

Lin Yus eyes flickered as if she wanted to devour Lin Yun completely.

She walked up to Lin Yu and extended her hand.

“Thank you for letting me win!”

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and reached out to shake Lin Yuns hand.


The two of them held hands tightly, but the competition in the dark did not stop.

The two of them only let go when the production team called all the contestants to gather.

The competition continued.

Han Fang obtained two eights and a seven while Li Jing obtained 21st place with three seven points.

After the two groups of contestants competed, after the judges evaluation, Lin Yun represented Group A and defeated the contestants from Group B by a slight advantage.

In other words, someone in Group B was going to be eliminated.

Lin Yun did not care about the elimination segment.

She had miscalculated this time in not eliminating Lin Yu.

It seemed like she had to think of other ways to deal with Lin Yu.

After all, they were about to enter the semi-finals…

After the competition ended, all the contestants waited for the final outcome, and Lin Yun changed back to her original pure black outfit.

After the elimination list was confirmed, Li Jing cried.

Because she had been eliminated!

Although Han Fang was not eliminated, her expression was not good.

After everything was resolved, the production team arranged for all the contestants to celebrate before returning home.

Lin Yun rejected the production teams dining arrangements and chose to go home first.

The production team was already used to Lin Yuns unique behavior.

Since the bosses valued Ming Yi very much and listened to her requests, they would agree to anything that was not overboard.

Lin Yun packed her things and called Blackie, asking her to hire a car to pick her up.

After Blackie picked up Lin Yun, she couldnt help but complain, “Even the Intelligence Bureau cant compare to you in terms of confidentiality!”

Lin Yun smiled and did not remove her disguise.

“Im just avoiding some trouble.”

“Hows the situation these two days” Lin Yun took a USB flash drive from Blackie and inserted it into her computer.

“Im only giving one part to you.

Im afraid we wont know the other part until tomorrow.” Blackie said briefly as she ate a lollipop.

“Is it related to the stock market” Lin Yun was a little puzzled.

Old Master Wang had never allowed the Wang family to dabble too much in the stock market.

Even though the Wang familys assets had been listed long ago, they were only handed over to their trusted financial planners to manage.

Their children had never participated.

Old Master Wang had always said that the stock market was a gamble and could not be touched! However, Lin Yun sometimes thought that the reason why Old Master Wang did not allow his children to come into contact with the stock market had more to do with his children being brainless!

Perhaps the money they invested in the stock market would become a pile of waste paper in the blink of an eye.

The family business map that the old man had painstakingly built could not be destroyed in the blink of an eye by these useless children!

Lin Yun carefully checked the information Blackie had given her.

There were a few things she needed to confirm with Wang Qi.

The car drove all the way to Blackies shop.

Because it was dark and there was no one on duty on the pedestrian street, the car could enter and leave at will.

Blackie asked the driver to drive the car straight to the door.

Lin Yun got out of the car and entered the shop.

After changing her clothes in the shop, Lin Yun carried her backpack and walked out.

“Lets contact each other tomorrow.

I have to go back quickly now!”

“Are you going back to the empty house” Blackie asked.

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled.

“Im going home! My biological parents house!”

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