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When Lin Yun returned to the fishing village, it was almost 10 pm.

Pei Man and Lin Ting had just returned home after settling the restaurants matters.

Before they entered, Pei Man saw headlights driving toward them from afar.

The car was not fast.

Pei Man took a closer look.

It was an unfamiliar car.

Most of the neighbors nearby did not have any foreign friends, and the Lin familys restaurant was only open until 9 pm, so cars outside rarely came over late at night.

Because there were guests booking the restaurant today, they finished their meals early and left the fishing village.

Pei Man and Lin Ting thought that they could go back and rest early today, but they did not expect someone to come to the fishing village so late at night.

The car stopped in front of them.

The dazzling headlights blinded Pei Man and Lin Ting.

The two of them covered their faces with their hands, as they took a glance at the person who was visiting at this time.

The car door opened and a slender figure walked toward the two of them from behind the headlights.

Because of the strong light from the headlights, they could not see the persons face clearly.

Just as Pei Man was about to ask, the figure spoke first.


Pei Man was stunned for a moment.

After a while, she probed, “Xiaoyu”

At this moment, Lin Yu had already walked up to the two of them.

Under the dazzling lights of the car, Pei Man and Lin Ting couldnt look at her directly.

Pei Man didnt know what to do for a moment.

Lin Ting turned around and continued to open the door to the courtyard.

Lin Yu held Pei Mans arm and said, “Mom, did you miss me!”

“I havent been back for a long time.

I miss this place so much!” Lin Yu said as she pulled Pei Man into the courtyard.

The two of them had just taken a step into the courtyard when they heard another car in the distance.

Pei Man stopped, and Lin Yu could only stop.

The two of them looked at the car and saw a person alight.

The person said a few more words to the driver and hurriedly ran towards the Lin familys courtyard.

The car quickly left, leaving Lin Yus Lin familys private car parked in the distance.

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