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In the past, every time she ate, there would be a few dishes she liked to eat on the table.

Since nobody liked those side dishes, she enjoyed them alone.

However, the table was actually filled with the favorites of Lin Qian and the others.

There was not even a single side dish she liked!

Lin Ting glanced at Lin Yu and picked up some food to put in Lin Yuns bowl.

“There are only these ingredients at home.”

Hearing Lin Tings “heartless” words, Lin Yu blinked aggrievedly and turned to look at Pei Man.

After all, she was the daughter she had raised for more than ten years.

Pei Mans heart ached when she saw Lin Yu.

She said to Lin Ting, “Why dont you get some ingredients for Xiaoyu”

Lin Ting looked at Pei Man and knew that her heart ached for her daughter.

Lin Ting sighed helplessly and said, “Alright!”

As soon as Lin Ting finished speaking, Lin Qian had already grabbed Lin Tings arm.

“Well eat whatever we have at home! Weve been like this since we were young! I think Xiao Yun is eating very well.

Why do you need to make another trip for that person alone!”

“Besides, her biological parents might have prepared delicacies for her.

A poor fishing village like ours cant afford to raise such a young lady!”

Hearing Lin Qians words, Pei Man sighed secretly, knowing that her second son was angry with Xiaoyu.

Lin Ting didnt sit down immediately.

He only said to Pei Man, “Why dont you chat with Xiaoyu for a while and let her go back Its so late.

Its not good for a girl to stay out for too long.

Furthermore, its quite hard on the driver waiting outside.

Let them go back early.”

With that, Lin Ting sat down and continued to serve Lin Yun food.

Lin Qian also picked up food for Lin Yun as he put some into his own bowl.

Seeing that Lin Yuns bowl was getting more and more full, Lin Yu looked hurt and turned to run out.

Pei Man immediately chased after her.

“Xiaoyu, dont be sad.

Mom will accompany you…”

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