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Lin Cheng handed a stack of documents to Lin Yu.

“This is the enrollment information.

Ill send it to the school after you fill it in.”

“When school reopens next month, you can report to school with Xiao Yun.”

“Okay! I got it!” Lin Yu smiled contentedly and hugged the material tightly, looking especially happy.

Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yu and asked, “Lian Universitys club activities are very famous.

Almost every student has to have a professional skill.”

“If you want to achieve good results at Lian University, you need to have outstanding results in other areas.”

“Didnt your mother say that you wanted to take part in the competition for the new Masked King”

Lin Yu was stunned for a moment when she heard Lin Chengs question.

Then, she nodded and smiled shyly.

“Yes! Im very interested in that competition!”

Even though she said this, Lin Yun felt a bit helpless.


When Wang Lan asked her what she liked, she just said it casually.

The thought of the new Masked King competition came to her when she was browsing through Lin Yuns room.

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If Lin Yun wanted to participate in this competition, then she absolutely could not miss it!

“Since youre interested, Ill try my best to arrange for you to stand out in the competition!”

“You have to work hard too!”

Lin Cheng didnt forget to remind her, but his tone was abnormally certain.

It sounded like the results of this competition were already in Lin Chengs hands.

Hearing Lin Chengs confident tone, Lin Yu smiled happily.

“I will work hard!”

Lin Cheng hesitated for a moment before saying again, “Ill get Xiao Yun to help you as much as possible.

Remember to learn from her!”

“Her” When Lin Yu heard Lin Yuns name, she felt as if she had been pricked by a needle.

Was she destined to be haunted by Lin Yun for the rest of her life


Even if it was a match arranged by Lin Cheng, could she not get rid of Lin Yun

Lin Cheng ignored Lin Yus attitude and only said in a low voice, “With her strength, she can get a very good ranking in the competition.”

“As long as you can get her to help you wholeheartedly, you will have a great future in this aspect!”

Hearing Lin Chengs words, Lin Yu didnt react for a moment.

But in the next moment, she suddenly realized what Lin Cheng was hinting at!

In other words, as long as she could take down Lin Yun and make her the shadow behind her, her future would be bright!

This meant that she didnt have to work hard to obtain everything easily!

This was the life she wanted!

This was all Lin Yun owed her!

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Seeing Lin Yus eyes light up, Lin Cheng nodded with satisfaction.

It seemed like his daughter was not as stupid as he thought!


After chatting with Lin Cheng, Lin Yu suddenly wasnt in a hurry to chase Lin Yun away.

She wanted to keep Lin Yun and make her a stepping stone for her future success!


Lin Yu returned to her room and switched on her phone.

She saw a missed call.

She picked up her phone and dialed back.

“Hey, Mimi Were you looking for me”

“Xiao Yu, are you free tomorrow Lets go for afternoon tea!”

Lin Yu smiled.

“Sure! See you tomorrow!”

She walked to the window and looked at the garden that Lin Cheng had specially built for her.

A sinister smile appeared on her face.

“Lin Yun, I will take back everything you have!”

“And you are destined to be a failure in life!”

“This is the price you paid for robbing me of more than ten years of my life!”


Lin Yun walked out of the club building and took out a digital analyzer she had left in the storage room earlier.

Lin Yun placed the analyzer in her bag and walked towards the entrance.

“Hello, Lin Yun! Long time no see!” A voice sounded from nearby.

Lin Yun turned to look, but her expression was a little confused.

This person looked familiar, but she could not recall who he was.

The other party saw Lin Yun looking at him with confusion and couldnt help but find it funny.

“I know its easy to forget my ordinary face, but Im the one who brought you into the club!”

The other party smiled in distress, looking both wronged and amused.

“Senior Mu! Im sorry! Im a little… face blind!” Lin Yun smiled awkwardly.

Mu Sheng waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Its alright.

Im used to it!”

“Why did you come to school today Have you recovered” Mu Sheng took two steps back and sized Lin Yun up.

Lin Yun lowered her head awkwardly.

“Much better! I came to get some things.”

After exchanging some pleasantries with Mu Sheng, Lin Yun left with the excuse that she had something else to do.


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