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The car drove all the way to the Lin familys courtyard.

Lin Yu hurriedly walked into the residence and ignored Wang Lans greeting before entering her room.

When Lin Cheng saw how unreasonable Lin Yu was, he was about to explode in anger.

Wang Lan immediately stopped Lin Cheng and comforted him.

“Xiaoyu must have encountered something.

Ill ask her!”

With that, Wang Lan quickly arrived at Lin Yus room.

“Xiaoyu, can I come in” Wang Lan knocked on the door and asked softly.

Lin Yu didnt respond, but there was the sound of something falling to the ground.

Wang Lan was a little nervous and quickly asked, “Xiaoyu, are you alright Mommy is coming in!”

After Wang Lan finished speaking, she turned the lock and pushed open the door.

Just as she opened the door, Wang Lan was shocked by the scene in front of her.

The ground was filled with remnants of precious decorations.

There were even a few antique “corpses” displayed on the ground.

“Xiaoyu, whats wrong” Wang Lan carefully walked around the obstacle on the ground and walked to Lin Yus side, asking with concern.

Lin Yus face was covered in tears as she looked at Wang Lan with teary eyes.

“Mom, did I do something wrong”

“Come, dont be afraid.

If theres anything, tell Mom!” Wang Lan comforted Lin Yu.

Lin Yu nodded and wiped the tears on her face before saying again, “I wanted to have a meal with my adoptive parents today and apologize to them.”

“I know what happened on the day of the cocktail party was my fault.

I was hoping they can forgive me.”

“After all, theyve raised me for so many years.

I should be grateful to them!”

As Lin Yu spoke, her tears fell uncontrollably again.

When Wang Lan heard Lin Yus sensible words, she couldnt help but sigh.

“I know youre sensible and kind.

You didnt do anything wrong!”

Lin Yu held her anger in again and looked at Wang Lan for a while before crying.

“But theyve all changed!”

“They dont want me anymore! And they wont forgive me!”

“They only like Lin Yun.

They only have Lin Yun in their eyes!”

“They helped Lin Yun bully me!”


The more Lin Yu spoke, the more aggrieved she felt.

She threw herself into Wang Lans arms and cried.

Wang Lans expression turned very ugly.

As she patted Lin Yus back, she said coldly, “How did they bully you Tell Mom.

Mom will settle scores with them!”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Lin Yu immediately sat up straight and wiped the tears from her face.

She held Wang Lans hand and said, “Mom, its my fault.

Dont be angry!”

“Can you not settle scores with them”

“I was the one in the wrong.

Its only right that they dont forgive me!”

After Lin Yu finished speaking, she cried again.

How could Wang Lan stand watching Lin Yu cry like this She gently wiped Lin Yus tears with one hand as she made a decision.

She comforted Lin Yu for a while until Lin Yu was tired of crying.

Then, she let her lie on the bed, covered her with the blanket, and stood up to leave the room.

Just as the door closed, Lin Yu, who had already closed her eyes to rest, immediately opened them.

At this moment, she was not sad at all.

Her face reflected smugness that her scheme had succeeded.

With Wang Lan standing up for her, she would definitely teach the Lin couple a lesson!

At that time, Lin Yun would also be scolded!

Lin Yu just had to sit at the side and watch how Wang Lan dealt with them!

Lin Yu couldnt help but sigh at how stupid she was before.

She clearly had a mother who doted on her so much and was willing to do everything for her.

Why did she have to work up so many schemes

However, teaching the Lin family a lesson was one thing, but taking revenge on Lin Yun was another!

Lin Yu still planned to do this herself!

She had to let Lin Yun know that even with the things she didnt want, it wasnt up to Lin Yun to enjoy them!

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