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Wang Lan covered her nose with her hand, looking disdainful.

The driver beside her immediately asked loudly, “May I ask if this is the Lin familys restaurant”

Only then did Pei Man realize that someone had really come.

After recording the last number in her hand, she looked up and welcomed the visitor.


Why are you so early in the morning…”

Pei Man stopped mid-sentence.

She had seen this elegant and disdainful woman before.

It was the woman who despised her biological daughter and took her adopted daughter away at that chaotic cocktail party!

Pei Mans expression was a little tense.

It was obvious that she did not welcome the person in front of her.

Wang Lan was naturally unwilling to be in what she perceived as a dirty and even smelly place.

She finally understood why Xiaoyu said that her life on the fishing boat was torture!

Wang Lan covered her nose with her hand and sized Pei Man up.

The disdain in her eyes deepened.

“Are you Lin Yuns biological mother”

Seeing that the other partys attitude towards her was not good, Pei Man replied angrily, “Are you Xiao Yuns adoptive mother”

Hearing Pei Mans words, Wang Lan coughed and emphasized her identity.

“Im Xiaoyus biological mother.”

Pei Man did not respond.

She only stared at Wang Lan to see what she planned to do.

Wang Lan sized up the restaurant and couldnt help but despise it.

It was just an ancient-style restaurant, which could not get rid of its fishy smell!

Seeing Wang Lans unfriendly gaze, Pei Man said again, “Why are you here”

Only then did Wang Lan turn to look at Pei Man.

“I have something to talk to you about, but… not here.”

From Wang Lans tone and actions, Pei Man could clearly feel Wang Lans disdain.

Anger surged in her heart, but Lin Yuns smile suddenly appeared in her mind.

This person was Xiao Yuns adoptive mother.

She could not be angry or lose her temper! Pei Man secretly ordered herself not to act rashly.

At this moment, Lin Ting heard the commotion and walked out of the kitchen.

Wang Lan looked at Lin Ting, who was also dressed like a fisherman, with even more disdain in her eyes.

“Alright! Come to this address.

Ill wait for you there at 3 pm this afternoon!” As Wang Lan spoke, she threw a card on the table in front of her and turned to leave.


Pei Man gritted her teeth and tried her best to restrain herself.

She barely kept herself from rushing forward impulsively to grab Wang Lans towering bun and kick her a few times.

She took a few deep breaths before turning to look at Lin Ting, looking like she was asking for praise.

“I didnt lose my temper!”


Lin Ting looked at Pei Man tenderly.

He gently patted his wifes shoulder and said gently, “You did very well!”

However, Pei Man was still angry.

She walked to the table at the door and picked up the card on the table to take a look.


Hearing Pei Mans exclamation, Lin Ting immediately walked over.

Glancing at the address on it, he immediately smiled bitterly.

Pei Man shrugged and threw the address into the trash can behind her.

Then, she waved at Lin Ting and walked out elegantly.

“Hubby, youre busy today! I have something to do!”

Lin Ting looked at his wifes high fighting spirit and immediately smiled deeply.

“Have fun! Second Brother will help me here!”

Lin Qian was about to poke his head out to see what had happened when he was inexplicably detained.

He watched his mother leave gracefully and couldnt help but lower his voice and ask, “Dad, can I refuse”

Lin Ting turned to look at his son.

The gentleness on his face had long disappeared, leaving only a dignified expression.

“What did you just say”

“Nothing! Im going to work!” Lin Qian immediately shrank his neck and entered the kitchen again.

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