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Pei Man drove to a small independent courtyard and stopped.

She thanked the driver politely and got out.

Just as she reached the courtyard door, she saw Wang Lan, who had just gotten out of the car.

Wang Lan had clearly seen Pei Mans actions just now and revealed a disdainful expression.

She was so polite to this driver.

How ungrand!


The obvious disdain on Wang Lans face was seen clearly by Pei Man.

Wang Lan was wearing a wine-red velvet cheongsam.

There was a string of fine diamonds embedded in her lapel, making her look slightly opulent.

She was also wearing a beige long fur shawl that wrapped around her plump figure.


Seeing Pei Man looking at her, Wang Lan gently moved her hand, revealing the emerald jade necklace under her long hair.


Wang Lan also had a pair of jade earrings of the same color hanging on her ears.

She felt she looked very elegant.

Pei Man blinked and was secretly stunned to see such a huge emerald necklace.

Wang Lan looked at Pei Man from head to toe.

Pei Man was wearing a slim-fitting plain-colored dress and a simple square shawl.

Only a pair of small earrings hung on her ears, and there was a string of beads hanging on her chest.

Wang Lan looked at Pei Mans “poor” appearance and glared at her before saying, “Youre here.”

Pei Man nodded and asked Wang Lan, “Why are you looking for me”

“Lets talk inside!” Wang Lan said and walked into the courtyard without looking at Pei Man.

Pei Man looked up at the name “Ping Lou” on the stone tablet at the door, shrugged, and followed her in.


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