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Pei Man was about to speak when she heard Wang Lan say to the girl who led them in, “Please add a seat here.”

Pei Man looked at the table that was meant to seat four people.

Now that there were four people present, Wang Lan only said this because she felt that Pei Man was not worthy of sitting with them.

Madam Wang and Madam Chen looked at each other and were hesitating if they should help Pei Man out when they heard the girl say to Wang Lan and the others, “Everyone, Master has arranged another tea room for you.

Please follow me.”


Wang Lan was about to refuse when she heard Mrs.

Chen say, “A new tea room Then I have to take a look!”

After Madam Chen finished speaking, Madam Wang echoed.

In this case, Wang Lan could not refuse.

The girl nodded slightly at Pei Man before walking to Wang Lans side and leading the way for them.

The girl only stopped when she arrived at a small building in the backyard.

“Madams, this way please,” the girl said gently.

Wang Lan was stunned for a moment.

She looked at the small detached building that she had never entered and asked in surprise, “Is the small building open for business today”

The girl smiled softly and opened the wooden door for them without saying anything.

Wang Lan was a regular customer of the teahouse.

She knew very well that this single-family building in the deepest part of the inner courtyard of the building was a place where the owner specially treated guests, relatives, and friends.

It was never open to outsiders.

Outside the small building, a plaque made of bamboo was hung high between the first and second floors.

On it, the words “Small Building” were bold and powerful, like a masterpiece.

When Wang Lan first came to the teahouse, she asked to enter Small Building a few times.

She even quarreled with the service staff, but her wish never came true.

Because of this, Small Building was also called the “most difficult entrance hall” by the noblewomen of Sea City.

She did not expect to be able to enter Small Building today.

She was really surprised.

However, Wang Lan did not think too much about it.

After all, Wang Lan did not want to show any inappropriate expression in front of Pei Man.

She walked in and had just taken a step when she almost tripped on the slightly high threshold at the door.

Wang Lan staggered.

The girl and Pei Man seemed to have expected this and reached out to support her from both sides.

Wang Lan immediately coughed, trying to ease her embarrassment.

Pei Man watched as Wang Lan twisted her waist and shook off her hand before quickly walking in.

Madam Chen and Madam Wang also looked at each other and walked into the small building.

Pei Man and the girl looked at each other with unconcealable smiles.


They walked up the wooden stairs to the second floor and saw an open field.

The few futons and low coffee tables placed on the ground were completely different from the dignified renovation style of the tea room downstairs.

This place was like a place where family members interacted or friends gathered.

It was designed to look wanton, carefree, and comfortable.

Wang Lan was dressed opulently.

Standing in this relaxed and comfortable environment, she looked out of place.

Madam Chen and Madam Wang walked into the tea room and looked at the decorations carefully.

Most of the decorations in the tea room were made of wood.

Wooden carvings and decorations took up a lot of space.


Chen was already interested in these things.

She looked at the wooden carvings and occasionally exclaimed.

Madam Wang, on the other hand, was very interested in the calligraphy paintings hanging on the wall.

She carefully studied them to see if they were really masterpieces.

Seeing that the two ladies were busy with their own things, Wang Lans face remained tense.

She turned to the girl and said, “Set up a suitable table and chairs for us.

This futon is very uncomfortable!”

The girl nodded but did not move immediately.

Wang Lan tugged at her long fur shawl uncomfortably and sized up the decorations in the tea room.

Pei Man looked much more at ease.

She said to the girl, “Please make us a pot of mild tea.

My stomach hasnt been feeling well for the past two days.”

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