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Chen glanced at Pei Man for a while before secretly looking away, as if she had thought of something.

However, she did not intend to interfere.

After all, Madam Lin had invited them over today, so she did not intend to steal the limelight.

Yao Fang poured tea for the three of them and sat at the side to serve them quietly.

Pei Man did not drink with the three of them.

She just sat at the side and quietly waited for Wang Lan to do something.

Although she was usually hot-tempered, she was especially patient with people.

Especially since the other party wanted to talk to her about her two daughters…

Although Lin Yu didnt seem to want to return to this family anymore, she was still the daughter she had raised.

She couldnt bear to part with her.

Finally, Wang Lan took a few sips of tea and forgot all the awkward moments just now.

She leaned back in her chair and looked at Pei Man.

“Do you know why I called you over today”

Pei Man naturally looked at Wang Lan with a blank expression.

“You didnt say why you came to the restaurant to look for me.”

Wang Lan snorted and glared at Pei Man fiercely.

“Your family joined forces to bully my daughter.

Dont you know why I called you over”

Pei Man looked at Wang Lan blankly.

“Bully your daughter You mean… Xiaoyu”

“Who else could it be!” Wang Lan raised her chin and glared at Pei Man even more angrily.

“Let me tell you, I called you here today because I hope you wont see my daughter again! Its best if you completely disappear from her life!”

“I dont want my daughter to be sad again because of your familys miscellaneous matters!”

Pei Man frowned as she listened to Wang Lan.

What did she mean by disappearing from Lin Yus life Wasnt Lin Yu the one who suddenly came to the fishing village yesterday

Ever since the Zheng familys banquet that day, they thought that they wouldnt have the chance to contact Lin Yu again.

First, Lin Yu called for no reason and came to eat at home.

At that time, Pei Man thought that Lin Yu had finally changed her mind and couldnt bear to part with the family that had been with her for the past ten years.

From what Madam Lin said today, it seemed as though their family was pestering Lin Yu and couldnt wait to get close to her.

Pei Man naturally wouldnt admit defeat, so she said, “Why cant I see Xiaoyu Shes also the daughter I raised! If she wants to look for me, I cant chase her out!”

When Wang Lan heard this, she was even more dissatisfied.

“What do you mean! Its your honor that my daughter went to your house.

Why did you chase her out!”

Pei Man raised her eyebrows and said, “Didnt you just tell us not to see her and to disappear from her life”

Wang Lan saw that this woman could not be reasoned with and was secretly angry.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Im asking your entire family to leave Sea City!”

Pei Man blinked and looked at Wang Lan.

She asked seriously, “Are you not awake Or…”

Pei Man then turned to look at Yao Fang.

“Has this tea been left for too long Can someone get drunk on it”

Yao Fang pursed her lips and held back her laughter.

“Sister Man, our tea is new.”

“You forgot that last time, you said that the old tea had a weird scent and didnt let us prepare it again.”

Hearing Yaofangs words, Pei Man looked enlightened.

Then, she said to Wang Lan, “Then you must be still sleepy!”

Wang Lang was furious.

Before she could speak, Pei Man interrupted him again.

“Do you want me to get someone to prepare tea for you so that you can stop talking nonsense”

Wang Lan gritted her teeth and glared at Pei Man.

“Im talking to you nicely now.

Dont beat around the bush!”

“Ill give you a week to get out of Sea City!”

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