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Pei Man stared at Wang Lan for a while before asking, “Are you serious”

Wang Lan immediately raised her chin.

“Of course! Do I look like Im joking!”

Pei Man shook her head and looked at Wang Lan.

“Why should I listen to you”

Seeing that Pei Man had relented, Wang Lan immediately sneered.

“Ill naturally give you suitable compensation!”

“Oh What do you plan to use as compensation” Pei Man also smiled and looked at Wang Lan steadily.

Wang Lan extended a hand and said generously, “50 million! How about that”

Pei Man blinked and looked at Wang Lans fair and round hand with three rings on it.

Pei Man curled her lips and said, “Your Lin family is too petty.”

When Wang Lan heard this, her eyes immediately widened.

This woman was too greedy.

Could it be that 50 million could not satisfy her

Pei Man looked down at the small square pot in her hand and pouted at Wang Lan.

“That lady just said that this pot was sold for 30 million, right”

“50 million isnt even enough to buy two teapots, and you want our entire family to leave Sea City Dream on.”

Pei Man had no intention of giving Wang Lan any face.

Wang Lans attitude was not friendly, to begin with, so Pei Man did not have to accommodate her and suppress her temper.

When Wang Lan heard Pei Mans words, her expression turned even uglier.

“How much are you prepared to ask for” Wang Lan gritted her teeth and asked.

Pei Man tilted her head slightly and looked at Wang Lan.

“I dont intend to leave Sea City!”

Pei Man was telling the truth.

Their home was in Sea City, and all their connections and assets were in Sea City.

Even if Lin Ting had investments in other cities, his foundation was in Sea City.

Why would he leave

The restaurants daily income was at least three to four million.

If it encountered a peak season, it might total ten to twenty million daily.


To be honest, Wang Lans 50 million could not even match up to the restaurants monthly income.

Did she want Pei Man to give up her life here and leave for such a paltry amount

She would be crazy to do that!

Wang Lan did think that she was crazy not to accept such good conditions!

She glanced at Madam Wang and Mrs.



Chen was holding a teacup and gently pecking at it as if she did not notice her actions.

Madam Wang happened to meet Wang Lans gaze and shifted uncomfortably.

She was already starting to regret coming to this appointment today!

She originally thought that they would gossip as usual and compare the nice things they had obtained recently.

Why did it become a “Lion Slaughter Conference”

Seeing Wang Lan staring at her for a long time, Madam Wang coughed and said, “I think its normal for Madam Lin to feel worried after Xiaoyu suffered outside.”

“But…” As Madam Wang spoke, she saw Wang Lan glaring at her.

She sighed helplessly.

She really didnt know whether to say it or not!

Madam Chen still looked down and did not intend to participate in this chaotic battle at all.

Madam Wang thought for a moment before saying, “Madam Lin might want Xiaoyu to distance herself from the past as much as possible.

This is also a good thing for Xiaoyus current status.”

“Why dont you consider Madam Lins suggestion”

After saying that, Madam Wang looked at Pei Man tentatively.

To be honest, she felt guilty saying this.

However, at this point, if she didnt speak, Madam Wang was also worried that her husband would be suppressed by the Lin family in the business world in the future!

In the end, the life of a rich lady was not easy!

She was not like Mrs.

Chen, who did whatever she wanted and did not care if her husband was dead or alive!

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