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Pei Man glanced at Madam Wang before turning to Wang Lan again.

“You can ask us to leave!”

When Wang Lan heard Pei Mans words, she immediately raised her chin and asked, “What conditions Tell me!”

Pei Man revealed a faint smile and said, “50 million a month! I gave you a discount!”

Hearing Pei Mans words, Wang Lan stood up from her chair.


Chen was really shocked by Wang Lans sudden action.

Wang Lan turned to glare at Pei Man and almost threw the small tea pet she had been playing with to the ground.

Wang Lan pointed at Pei Mans face and scolded angrily, “If you dont want to comply, you can walk away! Who are you trying to disgust!”

Pei Mans emotions did not fluctuate at all.

“Im negotiating with you, but you say that I disgust you…”

“Arent you here to disgust me”

Pei Man asked casually, as if she was chatting about the most ordinary weather.

Wang Lan gritted her teeth and said, “A lousy fisherman family wants my 50 million a month Dream on!”

Pei Man shook her head and said, “This isnt helping! Its just something you begged us to do.

This is an equivalent exchange! Oh, no, we even suffered a loss!”

Pei Man said it matter-of-factly, making Wang Lan so angry that she almost stomped her feet on the spot.

“Get lost!” Wang Lan couldnt care less about her usual posture and shouted at the top of her lungs like a shrew.

Yao Fang frowned at Wang Lan and was about to stand up to stop her.

Pei Man noticed Yao Fangs actions and gave her a look, telling her not to move.

“Since we cant get along, lets go home!” After Pei Man finished speaking, she took her small square pot and nodded at Mrs.

Chen and Mrs.

Wang before walking downstairs.

Wang Lan was about to scold her angrily when she realized that Pei Man was still holding the small square pot.

“Yaofang, see if thats your owners treasure! Dont let some people steal it!” Wang Lan said as if she had caught the thief.

Pei Man could tell that Wang Lan was talking about her.

She stood still and waited quietly.

Yao Fang stood up and said to Wang Lan, “Madam Lin, this small square pot was originally something Sister Man placed in here.

Why cant she take her things away”

Yao Fangs words almost made Wang Lan faint from anger!

“Hers” Wang Lan couldnt control her sharp voice and raised her voice to look at Pei Man in disbelief.

Pei Man smiled deeply at Wang Lan.

“Im sorry! I accidentally took away your half of the compensation!”

“But this small teapot is very warm.

I plan to bring it back and use it for a few days.” After Pei Man finished speaking, the smile on her face did not fade.

She turned around and went downstairs.

Yaofang was about to walk over to send her off when Pei Man stopped her.

“Stay and take care of the guests! Dont worry about me!”

Wang Lan stood rooted to the ground, her face turning pale.

Seeing that the farce had finally ended, Mrs.

Chen stood up and smiled at Yao Fang.

“Your tea is really good!”

“If I have the chance to come to Small Building again next time, I have to have another taste!”

After saying that, Mrs.

Chen didnt say anything else to Wang Lan and followed Yao Fang downstairs.

Madam Wang looked around, not knowing what to do.

Wang Lan grabbed her long fur shawl tightly with both hands and stared at the stairs, panting heavily.

Madam Wang smiled awkwardly and hurriedly said to Wang Lan, “I just remembered that I asked Mrs.

Zhuang to play cards.

Well, Ill leave first!”

After Madam Wang finished speaking, she ran away without waiting for Wang Lans response.

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