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Lin Yun had just entered the house when she saw Lin Yu walking over from the living room.

“Did you go out just now” Lin Yu walked toward Lin Yun, her deliberate limp looking unnatural.

“Yes, I went out for a walk.” Lin Yun looked at Lin Yus pretentiousness and decided not to waste too much time with her.

Aunt Xu knew how Lin Yun felt and pushed her inside.

Lin Yu immediately stood in front of Lin Yuns wheelchair.

Auntie Xu didnt dare to move again, afraid that Lin Yu would find trouble for her again.

Lin Yu chuckled and bent down to look at Lin Yun.

“Sister, why are you in such a hurry to go back We havent had a proper chat yet!”

Lin Yun looked straight at Lin Yu and said with a faint smile, “Were not that close, so theres nothing to talk about.”

Lin Yus expression changed slightly as a hint of sadness appeared on her face.

“Why did you say that”

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“I came to the Lin family alone.

Im not familiar with this place.

Sister, how could you treat me like this”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu and her eyes darted around her face, but she didnt say anything.

Lin Yu tried her best to maintain her aggrieved look as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Sister, do you still think that I shouldnt come back”

“Im not here to snatch your seat.

I just…”

“I just want to know who my biological parents are.

I want to be with them.”

“If, if you dont like it, I can leave!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and looked at Lin Yu with a faint smile.


Lin Yu suddenly regretted her words.

If Lin Yun really used her words to ask her to leave, wouldnt that be digging a hole for herself

Lin Yu immediately changed her tone and wheedled, “Sister, cant the two of us stay by Daddy and Mommys side”

“They gave me life and gave you a rich life for more than ten years.

We should be grateful to them!”

As Lin Yu spoke, she reached out and gently held Lin Yuns hand.

Lin Yun frowned and retracted her hand.

“You dont have to decide what I want to do.”

Lin Yu suppressed her anger.

“Sister, Im doing this for your own good!”

“Is there anything else If not, Im going back!”

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Just as Lin Yun finished speaking, Aunt Xu pushed the wheelchair.

“Miss Xiao Yu, please move aside.”

Lin Yu gritted her teeth, stood up, and turned slightly.

Aunt Xu pushed the wheelchair forward.

Lin Yu watched as Lin Yun walked past her, her hands twisting into a ball.

She suddenly thought of something and immediately asked Lin Yun, “Sister, do you have time to have afternoon tea with us tomorrow”

“I heard from Mom that Mimi and the others used to be Sisters friends.

Why dont we go together”

Lin Yun turned her head slightly, and Aunt Xu immediately stopped.

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yuns side profile with a victorious smile.

Lin Yun didnt stay for long.

“You guys go ahead! Im not interested!”

“Are you sad that Mimi and the others are my friends”

“Actually, you dont have to worry about it.

I just returned to the Lin family and dont have any friends, so…”

“You dont have to explain to me.

Its none of my business who youre friends with,” Lin Yun interrupted Lin Yu rudely.

Before Lin Yu could say anything, Aunt Xu had already pushed the wheelchair away.

Lin Yu clenched her fists tightly and gritted her teeth.

She thought to herself, “One day, I will tear off your mask of hypocrisy!”


Madam Xu pushed Lin Yun into the room.

After putting the things away, she stood in front of Lin Yun and seemed to have something to say.

Lin Yun could tell that Aunt Xu was worried, so she just smiled.

“Aunt Xu, dont worry! I wont take Lin Yus words to heart!”

“But…” Aunt Xu seemed to have something else to say.

“Aunt Xu, I want to eat some snacks.

Can you get the kitchen to prepare some for me” Lin Yun asked.

Madam Xu took a deep look at Lin Yun before sighing helplessly.

“Alright! Ill go prepare it for you now!”

“Rest well in your room!” After saying that, Aunt Xu opened the door and walked out.

Lin Yun stood up and walked to a cabinet not far away.

Opening the glass door, Lin Yun took out a photo album.

This was something that Lin Yun had once cherished.

It was a photo of her and her “friends”, recording her past.

Lin Yun had once thought that these were her most precious memories.

However, in her previous life, these “friends” only revealed their true colors after she lost the halo of being the daughter of the Lin family!


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