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Wang Lan stood rooted to the ground and took a deep breath before glancing at Yao Fang.

“Who exactly is that woman”

Ever since Wang Lan showed hostility toward Pei Man, Yao Fangs attitude towards Wang Lan was not very good.

Yao Fang said expressionlessly, “Sister Man is our masters honored guest.”

Wang Lans expression turned even uglier.

“She knows your master Is she a regular here”

Yao Fang shook her head.

“No! Sister Man rarely comes over! She comes over a few times occasionally, but it was to send some things over.”

When Wang Lan heard this, she firmly believed that Pei Man was here to deliver the goods and was in a cooperative relationship with this person.

A look of disdain appeared on her face.

“Hmph! I wont come again!”

After Wang Lan finished speaking, she left in a hurry without waiting for Yao Fangs response.

After Wang Lan left, Yao Fang walked to an antique cabinet at the side and took out her phone to make a call.

“Master, Sister Man was bullied in our Small Building!”



Pei Man had just walked out of Small Building when she heard someone call her from behind.

She turned around and saw Mrs.



Chen smiled at Pei Man and said, “Im lucky to know Mrs.

Lin today.

Why dont we have a chat”

Hearing Mrs.

Chens words, Pei Man thought that she had yet to inform the driver to pick her up, so she said, “Alright!”

The two of them got into Mrs.

Chens car and drove towards the city center.

Lin Ting waited for a long time.

Pei Man had gone out for a few hours but had not return.

The driver sent said that Pei Man had arrived at Small Building and asked him to come back first.

He said that she would instruct him to pick her up later.

Lin Ting was not worried that Pei Man would be in danger, but she was born with a bad sense of direction.

If there was no driver to pick her up, she would probably not be able to find her way back!


Lin Yun only had half a day of class.

When she returned to the restaurant, she saw Lin Ting walking back and forth between the kitchen and the hall.

Lin Qian watched from the side as if he was watching a good show.

Lin Yun leaned over and asked curiously, “Whats wrong with Dad”

“Its all because of your adoptive mother who came to fight Mom one-on-one.

She hasnt returned yet!” Lin Qian shrugged indifferently, not worried that his mother would be at risk.

When Lin Yun heard this, she felt nervous.

She knew Wang Lans methods very well.

She was a person who would do anything to achieve her goals!

Could Pei Man deal with her

Seeing Lin Yuns worried expression, Lin Qian patted her shoulder and said, “You dont have to worry.

Our mother isnt a weak person!”

Although Lin Yun knew that what Lin Qian said was the truth, she couldnt help but worry.

Wang Lans mouth was very cunning and mean.

She was afraid that Pei Man would be injured by Wang Lans words.

She thought about it and couldnt sit still.

She decided to go out and look for Pei Man.

She called Pei Man a few times, but she did not answer.

She immediately became even more nervous.

Lin Yun asked Lin Ting, where Pei Man and Wang Lan had agreed to go to.

Just as she was about to set off, Lin Qian had already followed her with his coat.

“Lets go! Brother will send you!”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian walking out with his coat on and couldnt help but smile.

It felt good to have a brother!

The two of them drove to the teahouse.

Lin Yun had once followed Wang Lan to the teahouse.

Although she was not familiar with the staff here, she still knew a few of them.

Just as she was about to speak, she saw Lin Qian wave at a girl who walked out.

“Sister Hong, come here for a moment!”

The girl called Sister Hong immediately walked over.

“Eh, why are you here”

Lin Qian chuckled and said, “Did my mother come today Im here to bring her home!”

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