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Sister Hong exclaimed and said, “Sister Man has already left! Didnt she go home”

Lin Qian and Lin Yun looked at each other and immediately asked in unison, “When did she leave”

Sister Hong thought for a moment before saying, “I watched her leave with Mrs.


Its been an hour or two.”

Lin Yun blinked and thought for a moment before asking, “Mrs.

Chen Mrs.

Chen, who owns the winery”

Sister Hong nodded and said, “Its her!”

Lin Qian immediately turned to Lin Yun and asked, “Do you know her”

Lin Yun nodded and said, “Ill make a call.

Wait a moment.”

Lin Yun called Wang Qi and said to Lin Qian, “Well wait for a while.

We should be able to get Mrs.

Chens contact information.”

After a while, Wang Qi sent a message.

It was a phone number and an address.

Lin Yun glanced at the address and pulled Lin Qian away.

After the two of them got into the car, Lin Yun asked, “Are you familiar with the people here”

As Lin Qian drove, he replied without looking back, “Yes! Mom is a shareholder here!”


Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian in disbelief.

“Mom is a shareholder of this place”

Not everyone could invest in this teahouse.

How did Pei Man do it

Lin Qian chuckled and said, “Have you been to the orchard behind our fishing village”

Lin Yun shook her head and remained silent.

She had just returned to the fishing village to live for a few days and had not seen the nearby places.

“Theres a plum forest in that forest.

The plums in the forest are rare on the market.” Lin Qian chatted about Pei Man becoming a shareholder.

“Not only are there few plums, but theyre also especially difficult to grow.

Its even harder for them to bear fruit.”

“When Mom found the plum orchard, the plums there were still bitter and hard fruits.”

“However, Mom likes to study these messy things.

A few years later, she planted a variety of plums suitable for tea.”

“Back then, the owner of the building searched everywhere, both domestically and abroad, and only took a fancy to Moms plum forest.”

Lin Qian said it casually, as if cultivating a rare plum variety was just a piece of cake.

Lin Yun could imagine how much effort Pei Man had put in to nurture these plums.

Now that she thought about it, her mother was really a capable woman!

Before Lin Yun could finish sighing, she heard Lin Qian continue, “Then the owner of the building came to look for Mom to buy the orchard.”

“The owner of the building is also very generous.

He offered a purchase price of hundreds of millions on the spot and wanted to hire Mom to look after it.”

When Lin Yun heard Lin Qians words, she thought to herself that Pei Man had it tough.

It was only right that she had such a harvest.

Lin Qian didnt notice Lin Yuns emotional expression and continued, “After Mom heard this, she rejected her on the spot! She found the other party too petty and refused to sell it.”

Lin Yun froze on the spot.

Did Pei Man think that she had made a loss in this business

Lin Qian continued, “Later on, the two of them negotiated for a long time.

Only with 30% of the shares of the teahouse did the teahouse owner buy 80% of the ownership of the orchards plums every season.”

“80%” Lin Yun tilted her head and looked at Lin Qian.

Couldnt 30% of the buildings shares take down 100% of the orchards production

Lin Qian shrugged and said, “Mom said that the remaining 20% is for our restaurants and fishing villages.

We cant sell them all!”

Lin Yuns mouth was slightly agape.

She did not expect Pei Man, who usually looked carefree, to be so good at negotiating!

Back then, she heard from Lin Qian that Pei Man had no concept of money!

It seemed like she really had no concept.

Didnt she think that this money was huge

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