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The female secretary in business attire immediately left.

After a while, she came in with three different bottles of red wine.

“These three can be ordered in bulk.

Madam Lin, please try them.” Madam Chen extended her hand and gestured for the secretary to place the red wine in front of Pei Man.

The secretary poured three glasses of wine for Pei Man before standing at the side and waiting quietly.

Pei Man picked up the wine glass and looked at the color of the red wine as usual.

She sniffed it and took a small sip.

After a while, Pei Man remained silent.


Chen was not in a hurry.

She just quietly drank her red wine and waited.

Finally, Pei Man smiled and pointed at one of the red wines.

“This is it.

I hope to order it in bulk.

Every month… 300 boxes.”

“300 boxes A month” Mrs.

Chen blinked and looked at Pei Man in disbelief.

“Is it too little” Pei Man frowned slightly.

“But only dishes baked with red wine can have these things.”

“Our restaurant specializes in seafood.

Customers rarely order red wine,” Pei Man said seriously.

“Is it really just used to cook” Mrs.

Chen confirmed again.

Pei Man looked at Mrs.

Chen oddly.

“Cant this red wine be used to cook”


Chen didnt say anything, but the secretary muttered softly, “Ive never seen seafood baked with red wine that costs hundreds of dollars a bottle!”

Pei Man looked at the red wine in front of her and frowned.

Madam Chen glared at the secretary before saying to Pei Man, “Why dont I get someone to send some red wine to let Madam Lin try first If youre satisfied, youll order in bulk.”

Pei Man picked up her wine glass and tasted it again before putting it down.

“No need! This is it! 300 boxes a month.

If its not enough, Ill add more!”

Hearing Pei Mans words, Mrs.

Chen couldnt help but be surprised.

She blinked and looked at Pei Mans slightly red face.

She hesitated for a moment before asking her secretary to prepare the contract.

“We drafted this order contract today.

If Madam Lin regrets it, just get someone to tell me tomorrow!” Madam Chen signed the contract and handed it to Pei Man.

After Pei Man confirmed the name, amount, and quantity of red wine on it, she filled in the delivery address and signature before signing her name.

Looking at Pei Mans skilled actions, Mrs.

Chen thought to herself that it seemed that Mrs.

Lin was not drunk.

But was this not-so-small deal settled just like that


Chen was still a little surprised when Pei Man asked happily, “Can you pour me another glass of that top-notch wine just now”


Chen immediately looked at her secretary.

The secretary immediately poured another glass for Pei Man.

She had just taken a sip when a staff member walked in.

“Madam, there are two visitors outside.

They said that theyre here to look for Madam Lin,” the staff said respectfully.


Chen glanced at Pei Man and said, “Invite them in!”

Lin Qian and Lin Yun followed the staff into the VIP room.

When they saw Pei Man happily drinking red wine, they couldnt help but feel a little helpless.

His mother was drinking so happily here.

His father was so worried that he had almost bored a hole out of the ground with his eyes.

The two of them greeted Mrs.

Chen before revealing their identities.


Chen looked at Lin Qian and Lin Yun, then at Pei Man, her eyes filled with envy.

She said to Lin Qian and Lin Yun, “Madam Lin might have drunk too much red wine.

Take good care of her.”

The two of them thanked Mrs.

Chen before walking to Pei Mans side to check on her.

At this moment, Pei Mans fair face was already red.

Pei Man left the shop with the help of Lin Qian and Lin Yun.

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