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At this moment, Lin Han walked out of the kitchen with a plate of freshly cut fruits.

He placed the fruits on the table and said to Pei Man, “I told you, but you didnt believe me!”

Pei Man frowned.

“Isnt she the girlfriend you brought back”

Seeing Pei Mans matter-of-fact expression, Lin Yun smiled.

Wang Qi was probably overjoyed to be addressed by Lin Hans mother!

Lin Han did not hesitate to pour cold water on Pei Man and Wang Qi.

“Shes Xiao Yuns cousin.

I just met her.”

“Not even friends”

Lin Yun blinked and couldnt help but feel that her brother was too unreasonable.

Wang Qi was clearly a little disappointed.

However, she still smiled and held Lin Yuns hand.

She said to Pei Man, “I was once Xiao Yuns cousin.”

“She asked me over for dinner today.”

“As for Senior Lin Han, its because hes been treating my grandfather recently.

He knew that I was coming, so he sent me over.”

Hearing Wang Qi address him as Senior Lin Han again, Lin Han could not help but raise his eyebrows.

The point Pei Man grasped seemed a little strange to her.

She stared at Lin Han and asked curiously, “Do you know how to treat illnesses”

Lin Han rolled his eyes incredulously, not preparing to explain to his mother something that she did not care about at all.

He rolled his eyes and said to Pei Man, “Wang Qi and Xiao Yun grew up together.

She must know many embarrassing things about Xiao Yun when she was young.

Mom, dont you want to hear them”


Hearing Lin Hans words, Pei Man immediately became interested.

She walked up to Lin Yun and Wang Qi and grabbed their arms.

“Lets go! Tell Mom!”

While Pei Man pulled the two of them to sit on the sofa, Lin Han and Lin Qian looked at each other and sat at the side.

Wang Qi knew that Pei Man did not really want to hear any embarrassing things about Lin Yun.

She just wanted to know more about what happened to her when she was young.

It was rare for Lin Yun to have the chance to chat with Wang Qi about her childhood.

The three of them sat together and chatted happily while the three men stood at the side and watched them.

Lin Qian was the first to speak.

“Should we disturb them If we dont eat, the king crab will become a zombie king crab.”

Lin Han shook his head and said, “I think we might be scolded by Mom if we interfere now!”

After Lin Han finished speaking, the two of them looked at their father, Lin Ting, at the side.

It seemed that only Lin Ting dared to disturb the three of them.

Lin Ting frowned and glanced at his two sons.

He said coldly, “Go tell your mother that were preparing to eat.

Ill go see if theres anything else to prepare.”


Before Lin Han and Lin Qian could react, Lin Ting had already turned around and entered the kitchen.

Lin Han and Lin Qian didnt react for a moment.

After a while, they said in unison, “Sly!”

After dinner, everyone at the table ate happily.

Wang Qi liked the atmosphere at Lin Yuns biological parents house very much.

She even felt that Lin Yuns mother, Pei Man, was really cute.

The vibe she got from this family was lively and cheerful.

It was not as lifeless as in the Lin family or the Wang family.

Wang Qi could not help but sigh.

Only such a family could raise an outstanding figure like Lin Han! Only such a family was more suitable for Lin Yun to live in.

After dinner, Lin Yun pulled Wang Qi to her room and prepared to chat for the entire night.

Ever since Wang Qi went to the hospital to take care of Old Master Wang, they had almost not seen each other again.

Wang Qi walked into Lin Yuns room and couldnt help but sigh.

“Your parents really dote on you! This room was specially made for you!”

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