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Lu Chen seemed to have guessed Lin Yuns answer and there was no change in his expression.

He still said calmly to Ning Kun, “Prepare a cup of coffee for Miss Lin first.

We still have to chat slowly.”

Lin Yun frowned slightly, clearly not planning to talk to Lu Chen anymore.

However, Ning Kun quickly called the waiter over.

Lin Yun could only order a cup of coffee.

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yuns perfunctory attitude and said, “I sincerely invited Miss Lin to help me.”

“I recognize Miss Lins ability, so I invited you.

Miss Lin, please consider it carefully.”

Lin Yun refused again without hesitation.

“I think Ive already expressed very clearly that I have no intention of participating in CEO Lus company.”

“I came today to thank CEO Lu for saving Shao Yi.”

Lin Yun stated her intentions candidly.

Hearing Lin Yun mention Shao Yi, Lu Chens expression did not change.

Instead, Ning Kuns expression changed subtly.

Lin Yun thought that Ning Kun had such a reaction because he was worried that Lu Chen would be angry, so she did not ask further.

She said to Lu Chen, “Aunt Xu said that she hopes to thank CEO Lu personally, but theyre in their hometown in the countryside now and cant rush back.”

Lu Chen waved his hand and said, “Miss Lin, you dont have to be so polite.

Its just a small matter.”

Lin Yun frowned and continued to ask, “CEO Lu, do you know why Shao Yi was arrested”

“How did you manage to get him released Is there anything I can do”

Lin Yun asked a series of questions, but Lu Chen only looked at Lin Yun quietly, as if he did not intend to answer.

Lin Yuns expression changed slightly as she continued to ask, “Shao Yi was arrested because of Lu Teng, so what did he discover”

“Then will he still be in danger Will Aunt Xu and the others be in danger” Lin Yun asked anxiously.

That was what she wanted to know most now.

Shao Yi was arrested because he was involved in Lu Tengs matter.

And Lu Teng was clearly controlled by other forces.

Would those people let Shao Yi off so easily

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more worried she became.

This was also the reason why she wanted Aunt Xu and Shaoyi to stay in the countryside for a while.

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun asking about Shao Yi, and his expression finally changed.

He sighed softly and said, “Miss Lin seems to be very worried about Shao Yi.

Are you very familiar with him”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before saying, “Im not familiar with Shao Yi.”

“Aunt Xu has been taking care of me, so…”

Lu Chen nodded in understanding and said, “Ive already resolved this matter.

Their future life should be very stable.”

“Miss Lin, you dont have to worry too much.”

After Lu Chen finished speaking, he heard Ning Kun make a strange sound.

Lin Yun looked up at Ning Kun and saw him lower his head nervously.

He coughed to hide his actions just now.

Lin Yun looked at Ning Kun doubtfully before Lu Chen continued to speak, “Miss Lin, Im here with sincerity.

Perhaps you can go back and have a chat with Jin Yan.

He should know my sincerity very well.”

Hearing Lu Chen mention Jin Yan, a strange feeling rose in Lin Yuns heart.

Recently, she had felt that Jin Yan was strange.

Every time he called her to talk about the project, he would always say that there was an expert guiding him from behind the scenes.

From Lu Chens words, the expert Jin Yan was talking about should be Lu Chen!

How did Lu Chen take down Jin Yan, who was loyal to her

Lin Yuns expression was as if someone had snatched away something she liked.

Her unwilling and vexed expression made Lu Chen smile.

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