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Lin Yu was about to speak when Wang Qi interrupted her.

“Then lets go out first.

Xiao Yun and Grandpa will have a chat,” Wang Qi said as she walked to Lin Yus side and pulled her out.

Lin Yu still wanted to struggle, but Wang Qi grabbed her arm tightly.

“Lets talk later!”

“Grandpa asked me to call Xiao Yun over.

He must have something very important to tell Xiao Yun!”

After Wang Qi finished speaking, she pulled Lin Yu out before she could do anything else.

Lin Yun stood by Old Master Wangs bed and looked at his face which was much thinner than before.

Her heart ached.

Old Master Wang smiled lovingly at Lin Yun.

He patted the seat beside the bed and said, “Sit!”

Lin Yun looked at the seat and chose to sit on the chair beside the bed.

Old Master Wang didnt say much and only smiled lightly.

“Youve distanced yourself from Grandpa after all.”

Lin Yun pursed her lips, not wanting to say that it was because she had once been chased out of the Wang family by Old Master Wang in her previous life.

She did not want to experience that sad and helpless experience again, so she deliberately kept a distance.

Old Master Wang could tell that Lin Yun seemed to have a grievance in her heart, so he didnt pursue the matter.

He only said, “I heard that you were coming to look for Xiao Qi today, so I asked her to bring you here.

Do you mind”

Lin Yun immediately shook her head.

“I dont mind! Grandpa… Old Master Wang, call me anytime you want to see me.”

A smile appeared on Old Master Wangs face.

“If you dont feel uncomfortable, how about continuing to call me Grandpa After all, Ive heard it for ten or twenty years.

Im not used to you suddenly not calling me that.”

Hearing Old Master Wangs words, the pain in Lin Yuns heart seemed to have faded a lot.

She smiled gently and replied, “Sure! Grandpa, why did you call me here”

Old Master Wang nodded in satisfaction.

“I heard that the young man who found out that I was poisoned is your biological brother”

Lin Yun had no intention of hiding it.

She nodded and said, “Hes my brother.”

Old Master Wang said approvingly, “This kid is not bad.

He will definitely have great achievements in the future.”

Seeing that Old Master Wang was sincerely praising Lin Han, Lin Yun couldnt help but be curious.

“Did Grandpa call me here to praise my brother”

Old Master Wang was stunned for a moment before laughing.

“Of course not!”

“I heard from Xiao Qi that when I was just sent to the hospital, you reminded her to be careful of the people around me and even asked her to keep an eye on the company.”


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