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Old Master Wang and Lin Yun chatted for a while.

Lin Yu wanted to barge into the ward a few times, but she was stopped by Wang Qi.

Lin Yu was worried that if Old Master Wang really handed something to Lin Yun, the Lin family would be impacted negatively.

She had heard Lin Cheng discuss with others in a meeting these few days.

Without the Wang familys financial backing, the Lin family would probably not be able to survive the current crisis.

That was why she specially came to the hospital, hoping that Grandfather Wang would see her “filial piety” and not believe the rumors of outsiders.

She must get him to leave the money to the Lin family!

Unexpectedly, she bumped into Lin Yun as soon as she arrived at the hospital.

It was simply a wake-up call.

Lin Yu was about to ignore Wang Qis obstruction and rush into the ward to see what Old Master Wang and Lin Yun were talking about.

Wang Qi grabbed Lin Yus hand to stop her from approaching.

Lin Yu reached out and grabbed Wang Qis wrist, planning to throw her over her shoulder.

To Lin Yu, who had been on the streets since she was young, dealing with a weak woman was simple.

However, before Lin Yu could do anything, the elevator door suddenly opened.

The two of them stood in front of the elevator in a daze and watched Wang Lan walk out with her bag.

As soon as Wang Lan walked out of the elevator, she saw Wang Qi and Lin Yu standing in front of her, holding hands.

“What are you doing” Wang Lan looked at the two of them strangely and asked.

Wang Qi snorted and let go.

“Aunt, why do you have time to come over”

Wang Lan looked at the aggrieved Lin Yu and questioned Wang Qi, “Did you bully Xiaoyu”

Wang Qi glanced at Lin Yu and said to Wang Lan, “Aunt, which eye of yours saw me bullying her”

Wang Lan pulled Lin Yu behind her as if she wanted to stand up for Lin Yu.

“Look at how you speak to your elders!”

“Youre so arrogant even when talking to me! Arent you bullying Xiaoyu!”

Hearing Wang Lans unreasonable accusation, Wang Qi felt that it was ridiculous.

“Did Aunt come here just to settle scores with me on behalf of your precious daughter”

Wang Lans expression turned ugly.

“What do you mean by that! What do you mean I came here for no reason”

“Your grandfather, who happens to be my father, is hospitalized here.

Shouldnt I come and see him” Wang Lan asked confidently.

Wang Qi suddenly sneered.

“Aunt, are you joking”

“Grandpa has been staying here for almost a month, but I havent seen Aunt come twice!”

“I didnt see Aunt being so enthusiastic when he was unconscious.

Why Now that he is awake, are you worried that Grandpa will make a decision”

When Wang Lan heard Wang Qis words, her heart skipped a beat.

“Is your grandfather really preparing to make a will”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Wang Qis expression became even colder.

“Aunt, if you just want to know about this, you can ask the family lawyer.

Theres no need to come here to harass Grandpa!”

“Why are your words getting worse and worse! What do you mean by that” Wang Lan angrily pointed a finger at Wang Qi.

Wang Qi crossed her arms in front of her chest and stared fixedly at the mother and daughter in front of her.

“If youre here to see Grandpa sincerely, I welcome you to do so.

If you have other motives, no one can enter this ward today!”

When Wang Lan heard this, she was furious.

She put on the airs of an elder and scolded Wang Qi, “You girl, you really dont know whats good for you!”

“Im your aunt! Dont tell me you can chase me out!”

With that, Wang Lan walked forward angrily and reached out to push Wang Qi away.

How could Wang Qi let her pass just like that She stood in front of Wang Lan and refused to let her pass.

Seeing this, Lin Yu also went forward and pushed Wang Qi hard.

Wang Lan and her daughter worked together and pushed Wang Qi into a decorative shelf at the side.

The shelf collapsed to the ground and Wang Qi cried out in pain.

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