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After the waiter left, Wang Lan took a deep breath under Wang Longs comfort before sitting down.

Her gaze swept across the group of young people, and her eyes burned with anger.

These young people really had no respect for their elders.

They were really uneducated to raise their voices like this here! She really didnt know who raised such uncultured children! The more Wang Lan thought about it, the angrier she became.

Her expression was tense.

Jin Ying and Feng Hao stood at the door and waited for a while.

Seeing that no one else had come, they returned to the cafe together.

As soon as she walked into the cafe, Jin Ying saw a woman glaring fiercely at her companions.

Jin Ying frowned.

She pulled Feng Hao, who was about to return to his seat and raised her chin in the womans direction.

“What do you think shes doing”

Feng Hao followed Jin Yings gaze and saw Wang Lans unfriendly expression.

Then, he frowned slightly and said, “Isnt that Lin Yuns adoptive mother!”

“Who are you talking about” Jin Ying was stunned for a moment.

She suddenly blinked and looked at Wang Lan carefully.

As expected, Jin Ying also recognized Wang Lan! That day at the cocktail party, they had really seen how this woman helped Lin Yu make things difficult for Lin Yun!

Jin Ying immediately burned with anger.

She rolled up her sleeves and was about to ask Wang Lan why she was glaring fiercely at her companion.

However, Feng Hao grabbed Jin Ying and advised her not to be rash.

After all, they did not know what Wang Lan wanted to do.

It was better not to cause trouble first.

Furthermore, she was the wife of the Lin Corporation.

Her status in Hai Cheng was not something their families could shake.

Jin Ying gritted her teeth and snorted before walking towards her companions.

Walking among her companions, Jin Ying turned around and glared in Wang Lans direction.

Wang Lan did not expect someone to suddenly do this.

She was actually shocked by Jin Ying.

She was about to get up and question Jin Ying when she saw the cafe manager in a black suit running over from afar.

The manager of the cafe was obviously knowledgeable.

He recognized Wang Lan and Wang Long at a glance and immediately went forward.


Lin, CEO Wang, welcome to our cafe!” The manager said with a smile.

“Why didnt you tell me in advance so that I could arrange a good seat for you”

The manager clearly knew that Wang Long was just a decoration and was very enthusiastic about Wang Lan.

Wang Lan snorted and said, “Your cafe really entertains everyone! Arent we lowering our status by spending here”

“Forget it! Brother, lets go!” Wang Lan said as she picked up her Hermes bag and walked out.

The manager looked at the bag that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and immediately felt that his God of Fortune was about to run away.

How could he allow such a thing to happen He immediately shouted in a low voice, “Madam Lin, dont be in a hurry to leave! If you need anything, just tell me.

Ill definitely arrange it for you!”

Only then did Wang Lan stop.

She did not turn around and only said, “Chase that group out! Theyre an eyesore here!”

Seeing this, the manager immediately turned to the waiter beside him and said, “Didnt you hear what Madam Lin said! Hurry up and move!”

When the waiter heard this, he was at a loss.

“Manager, they booked our cafe!”

“If we chase them out, how are we going to explain to the guests”

The managers expression changed slightly.

He was clearly worried that Wang Lan would be angry!

Wang Lan snorted and said, “If you cant do it, I wont patronize your hotel anymore!”

“When the time comes…”

Before Wang Lan could finish speaking, she heard the manager hurriedly say, “Ill do it now!”

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