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It was just a few clips of her life that were sent to Lin Chengs phone through special means.

Lin Cheng obediently ran to Wing to seek help.

Lin Cheng didnt dare to go against the strong “Wing”.

He could only ask “Wing” to help him clean up the aftermath and prevent such things from happening again.

Naturally, this task fell upon the Dark One.

As long as she completed the mission, there would be no restrictions on her work ethics.

Dark One didnt hesitate to ask for a big sum and ruthlessly ripped Lin Cheng off.

Lin Cheng knew that he had fallen into a trap, so he could only suffer in silence and obediently transfer the money to her confidential account…

After all, he could not offend Wing!

Because of this, Lin Chengs resentment accumulated.


At dinner time, Lin Yun had just been pushed into the dining room when she heard Lin Cheng angrily roar at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was stunned by the roar and tears welled up in her eyes.

Before Lin Cheng finished yelling, she was already sobbing.

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Lin Cheng left angrily without even having dinner.

When he passed by Lin Yun, Lin Cheng restrained his tone and said, “Yun, are you feeling better”

Lin Yun nodded lightly.

“Much better.

Thank you for your concern, Dad!”

Lin Cheng didnt say much and quickly returned to the study.

Lin Yu stood where she was, tears streaming down her face.

She looked at Lin Yun with eyes full of hatred.

Seeing that Lin Yu had been wronged, Wang Lan pulled her back to her room to rest.

Lin Yun shrugged her shoulders and looked at the table full of food.

She asked Aunt Xu to push her to sit at the table.

“Aunt Li, serve the soup too,” Lin Yun said as she took the bowl and started eating.

After the farce just now, Lin Yun sat alone in the dining room and ate as if nothing had happened.

“Mom, should I not have come back! Am I… Are you mistaken I might really not be your daughter!”

Lin Yu said agitatedly, looking flustered and helpless.

Wang Lans heart ached even more.

She pulled her into her arms and comforted her.

“Dont be afraid! Your dad might be in a bad mood because he has too much to do in the company!”

“But, Mom, Dad…” Lin Yu gritted her teeth, not daring to reveal too much of her emotions.

After all, she had just returned to the Lin family, so she had to leave a good impression on them.

Wang Lan gently patted Lin Yus shoulder and comforted her.

“Your dad must be under a lot of pressure recently.”

“But, what do you think of the school he mentioned previously”

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Lin Yu gritted her teeth and tried to calm herself down.

It was the mention of school that made Lin Cheng so angry.

Previously, Lin Cheng had suggested that she study at Lian University, but Lin Yu knew that she wasnt meant to study.

Therefore, when Lin Cheng asked her to attend some tuition before school, she was already a little resistant.

Later on, she heard that Lin Yun was also a counselor at the tuition class, making her even more indignant.

How could she let Lin Yun teach her!

This was the main reason why Lin Yu had rejected him without hesitation!

But she couldnt explain that.

And when she only expressed her refusal, Lin Cheng had already exploded.

Lin Yu looked at Wang Lan with an aggrieved look and said softly, “Mom, I didnt have much chance to study in the past.

My foundation definitely isnt as good as Sisters.”

“If I ask my sister to tutor me, Im afraid… Im afraid that she will look down on me even more!”

As Lin Yu spoke, her tears fell again.

Wang Lan sighed and said, “You and Xiao Yun have different personalities and majors.

I dont think this tutoring is necessary.”

“Ill tell your dad! Dont worry!”

Lin Yu nodded obediently, but her tears still fell uncontrollably.

Initially, Lin Cheng wanted to arrange for her and Lin Yun to study finance management together.

However, after filling out the registration form, the school sent a basic ability test before admission.

Lin Yun had also done this test before.

It looked easy, so Lin Cheng didnt take it to heart.

After all, these tests were held every year.

Not everyone was knowledgeable.

Because of this, Lin Cheng didnt take this test seriously.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yus test result this time was: Fail!

Not only did the school reject Lin Yus admission application outright, what made Lin Cheng feel even more embarrassed was that Lin Yus overall evaluation was that she was not qualified for Lian University!

Lin Cheng had no choice but to seek help from others to change the overall evaluation.

But this did not change the fact that Lin Yu could not study finance.

Lin Cheng had no choice but to change Lin Yus major to music production.


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