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The café manager walked up to Jin Ying and said apologetically, “Im sorry, Miss.

Due to a customers complaint, we would like to ask you to leave this shop as soon as possible.”

“As an apology, our cafe is willing to provide everyone with a weeks worth of free afternoon tea exchange coupons.

We welcome everyones next visit!”

Although the café manager spoke politely, his actions were completely disrespectful.

Jin Ying was not easy to talk to either.

She turned around and glared at the manager.

“What do you mean Are you chasing the customers away”

“Dont forget, my dad booked this place today!”

“If we didnt think that it wouldnt be good to affect the schedule of the other guests who have made reservations, they should be the ones being chased away!”

As Jin Ying replied, her face was already red with anger.

The manager of the cafe was knowledgeable and had his own solution when dealing with such a young lady from a small family.

“Miss, although you booked our cafe, the other customers complained that you affected their meals.”

“Or perhaps, my lady, you might consider getting your friends to quiet down”

The manager of the cafe still had a smile on his face.

He did not give Jin Ying a chance to refute and continued, “Otherwise, our cafe has already made clear rules that its not appropriate to make a fuss in the cafe.

You violated the rules, so its inevitable that you have to leave.”

Jin Ying raised her eyebrows.

This person was clearly looking down on her and her friends!

Jin Ying placed her hands on her hips and was about to retort when she heard someone call her name in the distance.

Jin Ying turned to look at the door and realized that it was Lin Yun.

Lin Yun walked towards Jin Ying and glanced at the cafe manager before glancing at Wang Lan and Wang Long.

“Did something happen” The cafe manager sized Lin Yun up.

He felt that Lin Yuns temperament was different from the students who were fooling around.

He became much more polite and said, “Miss, your friend is disturbing the others from eating in peace.”

“Now that the guests have complained, we can only ask you to leave first!”

“Ive also told this lady about the subsequent compensation, but she doesnt agree to it,” the cafe manager said as he looked at Jin Ying with a trace of disdain.

Lin Yun frowned slightly and looked at the cafe manager before looking in Wang Lans direction.

At this moment, Wang Lan was sitting in her seat angrily, and Wang Long was busy persuading her not to be angry.

The two of them did not notice Lin Yun enter.

Lin Yun nodded in understanding and looked at the cafe manager.

“Did that madam ask you to chase my friends out”

The manager did not intend to hide it.

“Thats right! Madam Lin said that these students were too noisy and complained to our cafe.

As a service provider, we have to solve the customers problem!”

At this moment, Jin Ying interrupted, “Hey! She can leave if she thinks were making noise! Weve already booked this place.

Its none of her business how we want to interact!”

The cafe manager looked at Jin Yings expression as if she was an unreasonable child.

“Miss! Ive already explained! Please dont make things difficult for us, okay You violated the rules of the cafe.

Naturally, you have to leave!”

Seeing the cafe managers self-righteous words, Lin Yun smiled coldly.

“Did this hotel set this rule, or did you set it yourself”

The cafe manager was stunned for a moment before saying, “Of course, Im following the cafes rules!”

“I advise the few of you to leave as soon as possible! Otherwise, we wont hesitate to use any extraordinary methods.

At that time, it wont look good for everyone!”

When Lin Yun heard this, a smile appeared on her lips and she nodded slightly.

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