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When Wang Long was pulled out of the cafe by Wang Lan, his face was filled with unwillingness.

“Why are you running! Would that girl eat you up! Look at how scared you are!”

Wang Lan turned around and looked into the cafe.

Then, she slapped Wang Long.

“Dont you know that Dad trusts your daughter very much now The other person he trusts is Lin Yun!”

“He doesnt trust either of us but trusts these two girls.

Arent you afraid hell really leave the inheritance to the two of them”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Wang Long was stunned.

Then, he waved his hand and said, “Hes not muddle-headed.

At most, hell leave the inheritance to Xiao Qi.

How can he leave it to Lin Yun!”

Wang Long believed that his father was not foolish enough to give his assets to outsiders.

It was fine if Lin Yun was once his granddaughter and he wanted to give her the inheritance, but Lin Yun was now an outsider!

How could the old man be so muddle-headed!

Wang Long had a look of disbelief, but in Wang Lans eyes, he looked like an idiot.

However, she could understand why Wang Long was so fearless.

Even if the old man really distributed the assets to the two girls, Wang Qi would definitely have more.

In Wang Longs opinion, what Wang Qi had was his.

There was no difference!

Wang Lan secretly took a deep breath.

In the end, she was only a daughter who was ostracized! However, no matter what, she had to fight for Lin Yu.

She couldnt let Lin Yun snatch everything away!

Wang Lan glared at her idiotic brother again before saying, “Lets go! Before the old man gets really muddle-headed, we still have a lot of things to do!”

Wang Long rolled his eyes and agreed with his sister.

Since there was no way to talk in private in the cafe, Wang Long simply pulled Wang Lan to the Wang Corporations office building to talk openly about snatching the old mans power.

Wang Lan was not interested in the Wang familys business, to begin with.

If not for Lin Cheng asking about the Wang family from time to time, Wang Lan would not have bothered.

Wang Long pulled Wang Lan to the office and took out a document to get Wang Lan to sign.

When Wang Lan looked at the contents of the document, she understood it was a consent form for her to agree to Wang Long being the CEO of the corporation.

Although Wang Lan did not have an official position in the Wang family, as the daughter of the Wang family, her shares were enough to shake the Wang familys leadership structure.

Wang Lan had no objections to who was in charge, but she had a condition for her to sign this document.

“I have something I want you to do for me.” Wang Lan pushed the document forward and did not intend to sign it immediately.

Wang Long raised his eyebrows and asked unhappily, “Whats the matter”

Wang Lan leaned back in her office chair and looked at the CEOs office in front of her which was decorated in a brand-new style.

“Big Brother hasnt even taken over yet, but hes already decorated the office so boldly”

Wang Long pursed his lips and took out a cigar box from the cabinet beside him.

He took out a cigar and put it in his mouth.

“What exactly do you want me to do” Wang Long asked impatiently.

They had already arrived at the office, but Wang Lan still did not hurry to sign and confirm.

Wang Longs patience was almost exhausted.

Wang Lan smiled and said, “Our Xiaoyu suffered some grievances a while ago and I would like Big Brother to come forward and seek justice for Xiaoyu!”

“I thought it was something important!” Wang Long smiled disdainfully when he heard this.

“Just tell me who it is.

Ill send someone over!”

Wang Lan shook her head and said, “Its not appropriate for Big Brother to do this! I think…”

“I wanted to get you to ask Brother Jiang for help!”

Wang Long was about to light the cigar when he choked and coughed at Wang Lans words.

The cigar instantly fell to the ground.

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