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Wang Long opened his mouth and asked, “Why did you think of looking for Brother Jiang”

“Is… is there something difficult to solve”

Hearing Wang Longs stuttering voice, Wang Lan felt that this big brother in front of her was too useless.

To think a small matter like that could scare him so much!

Wang Lan glanced at Wang Long and continued, “When Xiaoyu returned to that small fishing village that day, she was bullied by that family.”

“Now that Lin Yun has come to snatch our Wang familys assets, shouldnt we teach her family a lesson” Wang Lans tone revealed dissatisfaction.

“Im just looking for Brother Jiang because I want this matter to be done quickly and not let our Wang and Lin families be involved in anything.”

“Do you understand what I mean”

Of course, Wang Long understood what Wang Lan meant, but he could not understand why she was looking for Brother Jiang! After all, such a small matter could be done by any local hooligan!

When it came to Brother Jiangs assignments, which one of them didnt involve murder and arson

Seeing that Wang Long was still frowning and thinking about something, Wang Lans expression became even colder.

“If you dont want to do it, Ill look for Brother Jiang myself!”

“However, our Wang family doesnt need such an indecisive leader! Dont even think about the position of CEO!” Wang Lan stood up and was about to walk out.

Wang Long immediately came back to his senses.

He hurriedly grabbed Wang Lans hand and refused to let go.

“Aiyo! My biological sister! I was thinking about how to tell Brother Jiang about this.

Why are you in such a hurry!”

“Of course Im anxious! My daughter was bullied!” Wang Lan said in an unfriendly tone.

“Whats more, with you dawdling like this, the old man might have already written a will and distributed the assets!”

“Ill see what you get then!”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Wang Long made up his mind and immediately said, “Alright! I promise you! Sign it now!”

Wang Lan shrugged, turned around, and reached out to Wang Long.

“Bring the document over!”

Wang Longs eyes immediately lit up.

He anxiously rushed to the desk to get the document and pen and handed them to Wang Lan.

Wang Lan signed the agreement with a quick brush, picked up her bag, and walked to the door.

She opened the door and turned to Wang Long.

“Then Ill wait to hear good news from you!”

Wang Long was too busy looking at the signature on the paper to pay attention to Wang Lan.

He replied perfunctorily without even looking at Wang Lan.

Wang Lan did not mind.

She opened the door and left.

Her goal had been achieved.

Now, she was just waiting for the family in the fishing village to suffer!

Lin Yun sat beside Jin Ying and drank the beverage Feng Hao brought over.

Ever since the café manager was defeated by Lin Yun, the waiters attitude towards them immediately became extremely enthusiastic.

Although Jin Ying complained that these people were very unscrupulous, she did not reject the free snacks on the table.

“I thought you werent coming today.” Jin Ying frowned at Lin Yun and didnt forget to stuff a large piece of tiramisu into her mouth.

Lin Yun picked up her coffee and took a sip.

Looking at Jin Yings stuffed mouth, she couldnt help but smile.

“Ive been busy recently and didnt pay attention to the messages.”

“Look, I rushed over as soon as I saw the text!” Lin Yun said as she smiled pleadingly at Jin Ying.

Jin Ying snorted and said, “I wonder what youve been busy with recently.

Youre always elusive!”

“Fortunately, our instructors only care about the results.

A genius like you can always hand over the best results report at the end.”

“Otherwise, Id really be worried that you wont be able to graduate in this lifetime!”

Lin Yun stuck out her tongue with a guilty expression.

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