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Hearing Lin Yuns explanation, Jin Ying immediately felt that it made sense, so she did not stop her.

After all, if the boss found out that the two of them were eating here, he would definitely be unhappy.

It might be better to find an empty and inconspicuous corner.

Jin Ying thought to herself that she must not let Lin Yun spend money…

Jin Ying had her own plans and did not notice that the waiters in the restaurant were obediently greeting Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didnt often appear in the restaurant, but the waiters were very familiar with her.

Every time she came to the restaurant, she didnt forget to bring them something good.

Even if it was just snacks and cake, it was a token of her appreciation.

After a while, everyone in the restaurant treated Lin Yun as one of their own.

After Lin Yun pulled Jin Ying into the kitchen, she walked towards a secret door at the corner.

Lin Ting, who was busy, only nodded and did not interact much, when he noticed Lin Yun and her friend.

Lin Yun pulled Jin Ying to a small room with only six or seven seats and casually took a bottle of wine from the corner shelf and placed it on the table.

Seeing Lin Yuns familiarity with her surroundings, Jin Ying couldnt help but be curious.

“Do you come here often”

Lin Yun paused for a moment before saying, “My second brother likes to drink a few glasses here secretly.

After getting familiar with him, I often get pulled in to drink secretly.”

“Moreover, this place is the most secret place in the restaurant, and its closest to the kitchen.”

“My second brother often goes to the kitchen to steal something good to eat.”

Hearing Lin Yuns description, Jin Ying could not help but be curious about Lin Yuns second brother.

Since these things did not look cheap, could they really enjoy them

Jin Ying watched as Lin Yun took out a bottle of red wine and prepared to open it.

“Stop!” Jin Ying screamed and stretched out her hands to stop Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment and looked at Jin Ying in a daze.

“Whats wrong”

Jin Ying stuttered as she pointed at the red wine in Lin Yuns hand.

“Isnt… isnt this the top red wine of that expensive winery”

“This bottle costs a few thousand dollars!” Even though Jin Yings father had been squandering all day after becoming a nouveau riche, he had never been so generous as to casually open a bottle of good wine that cost more than a thousand dollars!

Lin Yun looked at the red wine in her hand and nodded.

“Its said that this wine isnt cheap, but it tastes really good!”

“Back then, my mother was mesmerized by this wine after taking a sip, so she signed a mass-order contract.”

Lin Yun recalled her mothers drunken appearance last time and couldnt help but laugh.

“Order in bulk Such red wine” Jin Yings eyes widened as she looked at Lin Yun in disbelief.

Lin Yun immediately shook her head and said, “Of course not! The production of this red wine is very low.

Ordering it in bulk will be very complicated!”

“So my mother and Mrs.

Chen agreed on another type of red wine,” Lin Yun explained patiently.

Jin Ying heaved a sigh of relief.

As expected, such top-notch items could not be ordered in bulk.

However, Lin Yuns next words made Jin Yings legs, which were about to sit down, tense up again.


Chen said that she hit it off with my mother at first sight and gave us a box of this red wine,” Lin Yun said casually, but Jin Yings jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Jin Ying stammered for a while before saying again, “Your mother knows Mrs.

Chen from Taihe Winery”

Lin Yun nodded, then shook her head.

“I guess so.

But theyre not familiar with each other.”

Jin Ying looked at Lin Yun suspiciously.

“Does your previous mother know Mrs.

Chen too”

Hearing Jin Yings description, Lin Yun instantly laughed.

“Your description is really strange!”

“However, Mrs.

Lin and Mrs.

Chen have indeed known each other for many years!”

“Then has Mrs.

Chen ever given Mrs.

Lin this red wine” Jin Ying was immediately curious.

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