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After entertaining Jin Ying, Pei Man was overjoyed.

In the past, Lin Yu didnt like to bring her friends home.

She always felt that bringing her friends home was especially embarrassing.

Especially after Lin Yu gradually grew up, the number of times she returned home could be counted on one hand.

Because of this, Lin Yu almost never came to the restaurant after it was built.

Pei Man sat on the deck of the small fishing boat outside the restaurant in a daze.

Lin Yun walked to Pei Mans side and watched as Pei Mans happy expression gradually turned into disappointment.

Lin Yun knew that Pei Man must be thinking about Lin Yu again.

She could understand Pei Mans feelings and knew that even as her biological daughter, it was impossible to completely erase Pei Mans feelings for Lin Yu.

Lin Yun was about to say something to Pei Man when she heard the roar of a car in the distance.

Lin Yun frowned slightly.

There were at least a dozen cars.

Pei Man also noticed this commotion.

She stood up and looked in the direction of the car.

Although this fishing village already had restaurants and guesthouses to entertain foreign guests under their management,

However, the fishing village was not big and could not accommodate many guests.

Every time a bigger group came, it would come in two or three cars.

It had never been so grand.

This was especially since those cars were very loud, giving people a feeling that they were up to no good.

Pei Man looked warily in the direction of the car and said to Lin Yun, “Call your father and the others out!”

Lin Yun was hesitating if she should accompany Pei Man when she heard Pei Man urge, “Quick! Tell your father that someone is here to cause trouble!”

Lin Yun didnt dare to delay any longer.

She nodded and ran towards the door of the restaurant.

From Pei Mans reaction, she must have faced incidents like this one before.

Since that was the case, they should have a way to deal with it!

Lin Yun ran into the restaurant and found Lin Ting.

She pulled Lin Ting out.

When Lin Ting heard that his wife was dealing with the people outside alone, he quickened his pace.

When Lin Ting and the others arrived outside, those cars had already quickly arrived at the entrance of the restaurant.

One of the cars at the front drifted, raising the dust on the ground.

Pei Man waved the dust that scraped her face away, looking impatient.

“What are you doing!”

The car stopped, followed by a dozen other cars.

This place was not spacious, to begin with.

More than ten cars almost blocked the entire passageway of the fishing village.

A bald man got out of the lead car.

The man walked up to Pei Man and sized her up from above.

“Are you the owner of the restaurant”

Without the obstruction of the dust, Pei Man straightened her back and looked at the tall bald man in front of her.

“So what if I am!”

“Who are you Why are you blocking the way of our fishing village” Pei Man questioned unhappily.

A savage smile appeared on the mans face.

“Block the road Do you believe that Ill tear down your entire fishing village!”

The mans arrogance did not induce fear in Pei Man.

Instead, it made her even angrier.

“Where did you come from How dare you behave atrociously in our fishing village!”

A few people got out of the cars behind the man.

When they heard Pei Mans words, they immediately laughed out loud.

One of the thin men with an aquiline nose sized Pei Man up and said, “I have to say, this little woman looks quite delicious!”

“After we deal with the owner of the restaurant, let us bring this woman back and taste her.”

The mans words were immediately met with cheers and laughter from his companions.

Lin Ting had already walked to Pei Mans side and stared at the man who had spoken impudently just now.

“What did you just say”

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